Sevco in distress

Well the optics of this is not good.

Asking your staff to take a 15% pay cut is one way of telling the world that you might be struggling to make payroll.

Of course cutting costs can be a sign of a well -run business, but it is also the behaviour of a distressed company.

If it is the latter then, once more, the spotlight should be on Financial Director Brian Stockbridge.

Last year he had reassured some supporters that the cash would not go below £1 million.

However, this plea to the players to take a cut in their salaries may be a strong indicator that the Director of Finance has got his sums wrong yet again.

I have no idea why this guy is untouchable, but on the incompetence scale he is certainly up there.

It is worth reminding that Brian Stockbridge has been there since the get go for Sevco.

The new club is now on its third CEO, but the hapless Financial Director has endured.

The fact that Stockbridge remains in post is evidence that he is obviously highly valuable to powerful people there.

When a company needs to cut costs for cash flow purposes then it is a matter of survival rather than the good husbandry of the bottom line.

Moreover when they try to cut costs outside of formal Administration one of the first moves is to plead with the staff to take a pay cut.

Clearly the PFA should be in there advising the players that what they give up now apropos their remuneration is gone, really gone.

At least in Administration they become unsecured creditors.

Whatever way that the succulent lamb crew try to spin this it doesn’t look good.

Regular readers will not have gasped in surprise at the first visible signs of a crisis driven austerity drive at Sevco.

It has been trailed here for long enough.

Just this week I had written here that they had four weeks to get it right.

They now have three weeks left.

The people who control Sevco know that they have to stem the blood flow.

After all they have more Chartered Accountants in the building than they have top class players.

Of course The People are free to obsess about whatever haunts and taunts them.

Recently it has been conspiracy theories about State Aid to Celtic from Glasgow City Council.

This has been a new addition to their paranoia menu.

It ticks a few boxes for them.

They cling to this fantasy so that the reality that Rangers self-destructed can be challenged in their heads.

Of course the old favourites remain: Kafflik skoolz, people born in Scotland who have the cultural confidence to assert and celebrate their Irishness, and, of course, Neil Francis Lennon.

Just like Rangers the current situation that Sevco finds themselves in now is entirely self-inflicted.

Therefore The People really should follow the money, especially the cash that is currently gushing down Edmiston Drive like a burst water main.

The first of the four weeks is now up.

That leaves three.

Someone, somewhere on Planet Sevco has to be able to count….

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