Sevco script writing team on form

I have to say the writing team on the Sevco sitcom have been playing very well recently.

In the last 48 hours they have given us broken plates in the Blue Room, Hargreave Hale getting the hell outa dodge, a senior Stenographer giving some bad news to Mr McCoist over lunch and now the RIFC Nomad is in trouble with the Stock Exchange.

And breathe…

Everywhere you look there is just too much dignity in this two year old club!

The one that jumps out for me is the little lunch date yesterday where the man the Sevco supporters call ‘Super’ had a rendezvous  with a senior Stenographer.

At that convivial get together Mr Alistair was told that, sadly, his ship had sailed and that the fans had turned against him.

Subsequently the understanding copy that was being filed about his incompetent managerial career was now at an end.

Of course the tabloids have to cater for their main demographic and now that they view Mr Super as damaged goods any further spinning on his behalf will damage their relationship with their core market.

The man who likes puff pastry was told that there would be no more puff pieces.

I’m sure it was explained to him over lunch that it was nothing personal, just business.

After the Hibs game the people who are running RIFC/TRFC have told Mr Super that he should do ‘the honourable thing’ and go quietly into the night.

Chairman David Somers, Company Secretary Philip Nash and director James Easdale are handling that issue and there is another, meeting scheduled this afternoon apropos that matter.

If Mr Super does not resign sans severance package then I expect a world exclusive in the Daily Radar or similar Blatt apropos the true extent of Alistair’s remuneration.

Once more that ‘scoop’ will not surprise regular readers here.

The significance of Hargreave Hale in this saga was that they were the conduit for much of the cash that flowed out of the new club since 2012.

Their exit from the drama should be seen as a major coup for Laxey Partners and the institutional investors.

Beaufort Nominees is a name you should keep an eye out for dear reader.

Sources tell me that this company further connects that nice Mr Rafat Rizvi and RIFC.

Once more expect another breathless world exclusive about this in the Daily Radar soon, but give them time as copy & paste has been disabled on this site.

It is an open secret in the City that the chaps at the AIM Regulatory team had been deluged with complaints about RIFC and their NOMAD.

Now that they’re in there they will look at all of the financial transactions that they have had with all of their clients.

I understand that this effectively means that Daniel Stewart and Company can no longer operate as NOMAD for RIFC.

At the start of last week I understand that Daniel Stewart and company had 27 clients.

However, yesterday that had dropped to 22 as clearly some folks knew something was coming down the pipe.

The Square Mile scuttlebutt has it that RIFC auditors Deloitte were among those communicating their displeasure about the NOMAD to the AIM.

One thing that could develop from this is that the specific modalities of the recent Shareholder Share Option will now be analysed in forensic detail.

Daniel Stewart and company have a long standing connection with Laxey Partners and this development will come as unwelcome news to Mr Kingsnorth and his colleagues.

For the avoidance of doubt I have no idea where the script writing team are taking this series.

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I can guarantee that what you consume here is free from PR additives.

Even in the last week a beefier server has been required to cope with an additional clientele who wish to dine here.

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