Sevco seek talks with Ashley

Immediately after the end of the game against Motherwell the wheels were put in motion.

Sources inform me that someone in the New Regime contacted the Ashley camp.

The message was quite clear:

“We have to talk!”

The options for the New Regime are now not very good at all.

I think they would privately concede that they need the second £5m from Big Mike.

Of course, Mr Ashely could appoint a Receiver tomorrow if he so wished regarding the first tranche of the £10m loan.

The Sports Direct magnate considers that agreement of 27th January 2015 to have been broken.

Subsequently, the outstanding amount (£5m) is now accumulating interest in favour of Big Mike.

Moreover, he holds all of the contractual aces apropos the retail deal.

If Ashley does do a deal with the New Regime on the second tranche of £5m, then you can expect to see visible changes in the Blue Room.

Their cash flow situation is, at the very least, problematic and any notion of a share issue is fantasy.

They also need to talk to Charlie and the boys.

One possible option is to ask the lads out in the Sevco Triangle to be reasonable.

This would mean lowering the monthly payments from £278,000 to something more manageable with the agreement that there would be a payback when Sevco achieved promotion in the top flight.

Actually the New Regime needs some generosity from Big Mike AND Charles of Normandy.

Of course, the chaps at Ibrox could put more of their own money, if they have it.

We’ll know soon enough.

Things are rather grim at the top of the Marble Staircase right now so expect much breathless stenography in the coming weeks.

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it provides a feel good headline for The People during the crucial Season Ticket buying period.

Here the Daily Mail gives Dick Advocaat the opportunity to shoot down one such fairy story.

However the coverage here is guaranteed to be lamb free.

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