Seven days

This could prove to be a momentous week on Planet Fitba.

Within seven days of this post I expect the reputation of Scotland’s establishment club to be viewed very differently.

It was always known from the era of “you’re a good player son, but what school did you go to?” that Rangers had much to be ashamed of.

Now I believe that new information will show that for much of the Murray era the club ran roughshod over the rules of the game in order to pursue success domestically and in Europe.

The Mark Daly documentary on BBC Scotland this Wednesday promises much and I think it will deliver.

Tomorrow the SPL board will consider a report compiled by a leading firm of Glasgow solicitors into the allegations made by ex-Rangers director Hugh Adam that the club had a “two contracts” policy in order to facilitate under-the-counter payments to players.

If these allegations are proven then it will mean that Rangers fielded ineligible players in many matches both domestically and in European competitions

It is not clear at this stage why this report has not been published.

Perhaps Mr Doncaster, in the interest of transparency and clarity, will inform the public of the reason for keeping this report under wraps.

Let us revisit this issue in seven days and see what we all think about a club call Dignity.

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