Sleeping with the Fascists

Everything in life comes back to the Godfather.

There HAS been a communication from the chaps in the Blue Room to Planet Ashley.

However, the Sevco Family made Big Mike an offer he has to refuse.

“Highly conditional” was how it was characterised to me.

Consequently, this well-placed source did not think that it was likely to be accepted by Mr Ashley.

If he did then, it would be a huge climbdown by the Sports Direct chap.

Of course, the stenographers will not ask any pertinent questions of this putative facility of £6.5m

That’s not how the media game works at Ibrox.

However, the statement today is a good distraction from the furore over the recent match against Hibernian at Ibrox.

It was no surprise that the shills in the media moved immediately into damage limitation mode to sooth their main demographic.

However, this view is not shared by many of the sponsors of Scottish football.

Once more the stenographers could be seeking interviews with senior folk at, oh say, William Hill to gauge their feelings about the Fascist fest at Ibrox.

An intrepid reporter could also contact the folk on the 6th floor at Hampden to ask if sponsors had communicated their feelings about this marvellous spectacle at Ibrox.

However, this all could be categorised as journalism and is, therefore, unlikely to happen.

What we have instead is the triumph of the Shill.

There might be a requirement for several Ibrox chaps to be identified to the authorities for their throatily manifested Fascism.

This is tricky for the New Regime as they have built their business model around the…ahem…’loyalty’ of the hardcore support.

Moreover, it is precisely these chaps who fantasise about Fenian blood and venerate the memory of their favourite Fascist Billy Fullerton.

However, if some of them have to be given up it won’t be personal.

It’s just business.

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