Someone is prepared to spend many millions on Sevco

Today the obedient Blatts are discussing possible forays into the transfer market next January by Sevco.

Even for the perennially unstable Duchy of Sevconia this appears to be a flight of fancy.

However, the image will warm the frostbitten troops in the trenches.

As ever, it is not the chaps in the front line that are to blame for the calamitous course of the war.

Indeed, it is the Grandees at Hampden who created this Ruritanian farce.

Instead of a Fitba Peace of Westphalia in 2012  they delivered this shambles.

The facts on the ground mean that that The People can have little realistic Hope of peace and security while Sevco limps on.

By imposing the same club myth, the Hampden Robber Barons created Planet Fitba’s Schleswig-Holstein Question.

To placate The People corporate law itself had to be ignored.

Regardless of what transpires on the field of play this is a drama that will largely be played out in courtrooms in the weeks and months ahead.

The Dauphins on the 6th Floor at Hampden may have been shocked at the profligate folly of a man willing to spend £100,000 to contest a fine of £1000.

However, he should know that General Ashley is will willing to devote much more than £100,000 to achieve his objectives.

There resides at Shirebrook castle a real war chest dear reader.

Moreover, well-placed sources tell me that Big Mike is prepared to expend many millions of pounds to ensure that Mr David Cunningham King, to give him his court name, experiences another ‘favourable settlement’.

If the New Regime knew that Ashley had stated in conclave that he was willing to spend £100 m, yes ONE HUNDRED MILLION to deliver victory, then they might have an idea of what is facing them.

Over the weekend, many of Big Mike’s top people were working flat out.

It is almost as if something major is being planned.

If the contempt hearing on the 9th of next month goes against Mr King, then he could be facing further difficulties in his adopted homeland.

This has been speculated upon by chaps knowledgeable on matters legal that the outstanding contempt of court ruling in South Africa could then be in play.

Should this come to pass then, The People will have their Mandela and the Prisoner of Sevco will be immortal.

Of course, I am sure that such matters will not prevent Mr David Cunningham King from over investing in his beloved Rangers International Football Club.

In fact, I’m rather surprised that he has not started that already as I am sure I read about that in the papers…

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