Soros, so wrong so far

He once dined at the top table on succulent lamb, but now he has to settle for the crumbs of comfort from anyone prepared to feed him a line.

Now an award winning stenographer who backed, Sir David Murray, Craig Whyte, Charles Green, Imran Ahmad, Brian Stockbridge and Dave King over the last few years is about to introduce a new name to the vaudeville show that is Sevco.

Only this time when he describes the new Rangers’ ‘saviour’ as a billionaire with ‘wealth off the radar’ he will be on the money.

At this very moment he is penning an article claiming that multi -billionaire Hungarian born business magnate George Soros is about to invest upwards of £10m in Rangers.

Soros, who has flirted with sport including investing in Manchester United, claims to be a supporter of democratic ideals and a supporter of democracy and human rights in over 70 countries.

The man telling the intrepid stenographer the story is none other than one Charles Green.

Our courageous note taker is being told that that Soros will use Charlie as the conduit.

As we know, Charles Green, truth and accuracy have sometimes seemed like distant strangers.

Would the Record run with such a story so far away from April 1st?

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