Special deliverance required

It was a disappointing night for the Holding Company Vehicle.

I thought that the build-up package from the Beeb was pure Sevco porn with St Johnstone cast in the role of the imminent losers.

In the studio before the match, I sensed that Michael Stewart wasn’t in the least overawed that he was about to watch a Sevco match.

His partner, on the other hand, seemed all giddy.

I’m sure Mr Warburton’s young charges will learn a lot from this part of ‘the journey’ (a term used by Nevin post match).

However, Stewart seemed to have the entire thing in perspective. It was clear to him that this was a second tier outfit playing a premiership side.

A lengthy run in the League Cup, perhaps even drawing Aberdeen or Celtic, would undoubtedly have improved the cash flow situation at Sevco.

Alas, it was not to be.

After the final whistle was blown by the referee an important fact had not changed from the start of the match; this is a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

Mr Richard Gough was an important person for old Rangers on many occasions during the 1990s.

Now as ‘Global Ambassador’ for Sevco he could be the embodiment of deliverance.

As regular readers here will know, Mr Paul Murray was recently in North America trying to engage with heeled business types.

These entrepreneurs had been selected because they were considered to possess the necessary amount of ‘Rangerness’.

Murray’s objective was to bring in much-needed finance while he was the other side of the Pond.

Sadly, he was unsuccessful.

Perhaps the charismatic Mr Gough will fare better if the New Regime decides to deploy him in this fashion.

The inconvenient truth for The People and the folk at the top of the Marble Staircase is that the current Ibrox operation requires external finance.

I am, of course, fully aware that Mr David Cunningham King recently stated that the club is “comfortably funded for the next six months…”

However, he may have misquoted himself.

It can happen to anyone.

Regarding the festivities last night:

Several folk contacted me to state that some of The People were urging a specific ethnic group in Glasgow to ‘go home’.

One of my readers was adamant that the ‘Famine Song’ was heard loud and clear on the live broadcast (6:50 to 7:18).

That might be the case, but it was inaudible on iPlayer when I listened.

However, I’m sure the SPFL match delegate there would have noted anything of that kind of had occurred.

I’m informed that he is an ex-policeman who achieved super things in his career.

When it comes to illegal activity, I’m sure there will be no love lost there.

The success, heretofore, on the pitch by Mr Warburton’s Sevco starlets, has given the New Regime some breathing space and higher match day revenues.

It is important that they continue in the league as the pace setters.

In terms of being value added, I understand that Mr Warburton and his excellent lieutenant Mr Weir are costing the Holding Company Vehicle the equivalent of one Kenny McDowall.

Mr Super’s Number Two is, of course, on the payroll until January.

Ah yes, payroll…

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