Spinning out of control

I must say that all of this Rangers stuff has my head in a spin.

I am sure I’m not the only one.

David Murray, Martin Bain, Alastair Johnson, Craig Whyte, Duff and Phelps…a fine band of brothers.

But what is the link between them all?

Who had the ear of all these champions of truth, honesty and integrity?

Who was the doyen of dignity?

Who was the spinmeister supreme?

Step forward Media House’s very own Ramsay Smith.

A dour, some might say stubborn, Aberdonian, the bold Ramsay reflects the worst characteristics of the stereotypical native of the Granite City.

It was Ramsay that stood side by side with Craig Whyte on the steps of Ibrox as Craig Whyte faced the baying mobs and committed a form of ritual seppuka.

The bold Ramsay Smith, ashen faced knowing he was in the middle of the biggest PR disaster since, since, since the last one. If Ramsay had been a football player he would have been substituted after that night’s performance.

It was Ramsay who last Thursday gave the gathered press conference a cold, “good morning’ as he guided the administrators to their moment of glory as the announced their ‘preferred bidder’ Bill Miller.

And yesterday, as the roof fell in on the big incubator, surely it wasn’t Ramsay who suggested that the spin was to introduce three new bidders?

No, the man who has held senior positions in a handful of newspapers north and south of the border might have left that to the administrators.

Even in a world Pinocchio would have been embarrassed with, the misinformation and spin offered-up to the Scottish Press from all parties has been embarrassing.

A stunning piece by BBC’s insightful business and economy editor Douglas Fraser yesterday

is well worth a read.


He gives both barrels to Duff and Phelps with the stunning punch line:

“They’re looking ever more like Laurel and Hardy.”

Well if they are Laurel and Hardy where does that leave Ramsay Smith?

If they had wanted laughs and jokes they could have employed Elaine C Smith.

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