Spoon fed stenographers gratefully dine at the King’s table

Yesterday was another dark day for the stenographers.

The hacks were begging like poodles in the Sevco Presser as softball questions were obligingly tossed and no probing supplementary interrogatives.

Grant Russell of STV was the exception to that shameful rule, and he has continued on Twitter today to remind his followers about what is on the record about David Cunningham King.

If we’re talking Fitba, then the stage-managed Presser provided a series of open goals for any journalist who wanted to get on the score sheet.

The news that the New Regime wants Mr Super to Do Walking Away for less than he is owed will come as no surprise to regular readers here.

That Mr King has stated that  RIFC will not be settling their debt of £5m to Big Mike means that they currently do not have  full unencumbered ownership of Edmiston House Murray Park the registered trademarks and, of course, the legendary Albion carpark.

For a mere £5m, these important assets could be freed up.

Had this been a less…ahem… restrained Pressers then both Mr King and Mr Murray would have been skewered with supplementary questions.

There has been no obstacle to the South African based entrepreneur from investing in RIFC.

For the avoidance of doubt, sources inform me that Mr Derek Llambias and Mr Barry Leach have had their contracts paid in full, and the allegations made against them by RIFC have been withdrawn.

Mr Paul Murray stated that the club was fully solvent.

However, I am informed that there remain outstanding bills.

The idea of a future Share Issue is risible given their current situation.

Once more that should have been seized upon in the Presser and torn to shreds.

Despite the bluster about Big Mike not getting his money back immediately I am told that the reality is that the New Regime are still sounding him out for the second tranche of £5m.

File under “holistic”

Journalists in Glasgow should be all over this story instead of regurgitating what is fed to them.

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