Statement from Celtic Football Club

This statement has been sent to me  by the club in reply to the questions submitted on Sunday.

Following requests from the Celtic Trust and other individuals in relation to the provision of information, Celtic Football Club is pleased to outline the following position.

As a responsible football club and employer, Celtic owes a duty to its supporters, employees and the wider community to provide a safe environment in which people can support our team and visit our facilities. As we have said before, the safety and well-being of our supporters and colleagues is of paramount importance to the club.

Celtic is also the subject of very stringent controls by local authorities, Scottish football authorities and UEFA.

For these very important reasons of safety, security and the reputation of the Club and its supporters, we cannot and will not tolerate dangerous or illegal behaviour at Celtic Park, or wherever the team plays.

No Celtic supporter wishes to see instances of violence or behaviour that puts the safety of other individuals at risk.

The club has made this clear in its Social Mission Statement, Statement on Unacceptable

Conduct and Ground Regulations.

We invest in safety and security, with dedicated colleagues working hard with supporters and the authorities to ensure that matches pass safely and without incident.

Like many organisations, businesses and individuals, Celtic responds to specific inquiries from the authorities regarding the prevention or detection of crime. The club believes that is the right thing to do.

In a very limited number of cases, the club receives requests for information from the authorities for information that is required to prevent or detect crime, or to apprehend and prosecute those suspected of crime, in connection with attendance at football matches.

These requests relate to supporters arrested or detained in or near Celtic Park or other stadia, travelling to games, or involved in incidents connected with games. The information solely relates to season ticket or match ticket information held by the club.

It is important to understand that such requests are very unusual. This season, for example, the requests received represent a tiny proportion of the supporters who have attended Celtic matches.

In responding to these requests, we are no different from numerous football clubs and other businesses and organisations across the UK, who respond as a matter of practice.

The club will only release information when it is considered to be in the public interest to do so. The club is committed to ensuring that all such disclosures are fair and comply with all  legal obligations, including the Data Protection Act, which permits the club to provide personal information where it is necessary for the purposes of prevention or detection of crime and the apprehension or prosecution of offenders.

All requests are dealt with by the Safety, Security and Operations team, who will ensure that information is provided only when the club determines it to be necessary and lawful. The club has refused, and will continue to refuse, to provide information where the team is not satisfied that it is necessary to do so.

We opposed the Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill and we continue to oppose the Act. We are committed to working with supporters who have concerns regarding policing around our matches.

We have set up a working group to establish a Supporters Complaints Review Panel to oversee such complaints and we would encourage all supporters, again, to inform us if they believe that they have been the victim of harassment

( and ).

We are continuing investigations into events prior to the match against Aberdeen, which we take very seriously, and we are assisting seven supporters who have raised complaints against the police and requested our support.

The Club is working with other football clubs and the Scottish Football Association to investigate whether it would be appropriate for clubs to apply to the courts for Civil Football Banning Orders as a means of allowing clubs to ensure safe and secure stadia.

We are taking all of these steps to protect the reputation of the Club and to ensure that supporters can attend Celtic matches in a safe and secure environment. Celtic Football Club is obliged to ensure safe and responsible behaviour at all times within Celtic Park in order to maintain the Club’s safety certificate.

There have been suggestions in recent weeks that the Club is in some way working against supporters. These are very disappointing, inaccurate and divisive accusations – they could not be further from the truth.

As we have made clear many times, we do not act in collusion with the police, or any other authorities. We have, and will, seek to ensure that the Club and our supporters are dealt with fairly. We will not tolerate harassment of Celtic supporters in any way, shape or form.

We are pleased to clarify the above matter and look forward to working positively with our supporters’ groups and individual supporters, in the best interests of Celtic Football Club.

100 thoughts on “Statement from Celtic Football Club

  1. Liam1888

    This statement is worrying. In my summary, it says Celtic committed to providing a safe environment for fans and are against all crimes (I think we all understood that!). They wish to abide by the Data Protection Act and will provide information to the appropriate authorities for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime or for apprehending or prosecuting those suspected of crime. (Again this is expected and understood). However Celtic then say ‘the requests relate to supporters arrested or detained in or near Celtic park or other stadia…the information related to season ticket or match ticket information’ So how does the information provided by Celtic help with preventing or detecting crime (remember the person is already arrested), apprehending (already arrested) or prosecuting (already arrested) so how do Celtic believe the information is necessary for the said purposes. Secondly what information is provided? I can only assume Name, Address, DOB, seat where person sits etc. If the supporter is already arrested (as claimed in the statement), the Police already know their name, address, DOB so Celtic are only providing information such as the seat where the person sits and I cannot understand how this could be used to prevent, detect crime or apprehend or prosecute! In reality, if this statement is correct, Celtic may be breaching the Data protection Act.

    The statement doesn’t answer your previous questions Phil – have they ever given you any other direct answers?

  2. FrancieBhoy

    Radical views in your late teens and 20s tend to be tempered with age. They don’t diminish but you learn to fight the true enemy in a different manner. Anger when funnelled in the correct direction is a potent force. Take this fight on to the streets and there will only be one winner. The constabulary and establishment cannot be seen to be the losers and have limitless funds to back this stance up. Peter Lawell is not the enemy whatever any Celtic fan thinks. They are custodians of our great club and cannot please everybody all of the time. Section 111 is today’s jungle. The atmosphere created there takes me back and can only be congratulated. But….we must remember. We are all Celtic, therefore we shouldn’t be in dispute with each other. We must sit down, discuss, be honest and come to a decision. That decision may not please some but it is the majority who PL caters for. Families have squabbles but always settle their differences. Hail Hail to the Celtic family

  3. Stevie Reid

    I think that some fans are reading too many newspapers and listening to phone- ins too often. A section of our fans seem to be demonised by some. They are Celtic supporters, and their crime seems to be that they are politically aware and to be politically outspoken at times. They are not sectarian, they are not thugs nor are they criminals. They support their team with colour and noise and express their views at times. They are young supporters, and like it or not, youngsters want atmosphere at the games. We could be cutting off our younger supporters, the future of the club. The club and some fans should take heed of the great mans words…”Football is nothing without the supporters !” Jock Stein.

    1. browny

      I think it is great that young people are ‘politically aware’ but you also need to be emotionally intelligent and that is where some (NOT all) GBers are sadly lacking. Any organisation will have its renegades who want to hog the limelight for their own sense of self importance and GB needs to be very careful that the tail of the young pups don’t start wagging the dog.

  4. joseph mary

    Walter, we are all Celtic fans together and I would never advocate anything which destabilized the club I and you love. I admire the way you defend PL and DD but surely you must see collusion is taking place against your fellow fans. I think PL is a good guy who has been badly advised and as SEVCO languish in the backwaters of the Scottish game we should be celebrating instead of creating a pseudo enemy in the shape of the GB. We are and have always been a club of the people and I am proud that our support ARE political. It is true that no one is bigger than the club but no one can deny that Paradise is a better and more vibrant place because of section 111. Get yourself to George Square and maybe you will see that, in fact Walter….. WE ARE ALL GREEN BRIGADE

    1. Walter Valentine

      Joseph, I understand and respect your view but it is the actions of the GB in attacking the Directors that is creating the pseudo enemy you talk about. This board has done nothing to deserve such abuse and I will not be party to it. I too have praised the Green Brigade for their part in creating a great atmosphere but they have gone too far and are responsible for us not focussing on and celebrating what has been a year beyond our wildest dreams. (the passing of our friends across the city) And finally may I take exception to your final comment and tell you we are certainly NOT all the green brigade.

  5. browny

    I will be there next Saturday at George Square to witness for myself the actions / reactions of all parties. There is also constant webcam on George Square (no conspiracy theories please) so those who can’t or won’t be there can watch it courtesy of Glasgow City Council. Then I’ll make my way to CP to celebrate winning the league and then attend a charity event at CP after the game.

  6. Thekwizatshaderach

    If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.

    Noam Chomsky

  7. Stevie Reid

    Can’t believe some so-called fans lambasting the GB. We are all Celtic fans, we should be sticking together. A section of our fans have been persecuted by law, they have been intimidated by the law and also suffer from police harassment. This is a serious issue that has to be addressed. I don’t think some fans quite get what this is all about and what has been happening. This is a social issue, not just a football issue. I for one will be at george square next week to support my fellow supporters, and i would like to thinkCeltic fans in general would do likewise. This ‘ i’m alright jack to hell with the rest’ mentality that is prevelant in society today really gets on my wick !!

  8. joseph mary

    At this time of year we are often referred to as the Celtic family. The way I see it is that a part of the family are being systematically bullied and harassed by an over zealous “hurting hun” police force and PL is being used by the authorities who are feeding him anti GB garbage like the stuff we witnessed at the phantom dens park riot.It’s time for the club to stand up for THEIR OWN

    1. Walter Valentine

      Joseph, I would support any group of fans who were persecuted for just being Celtic fans. However this protest scheduled foe George Square will not get my support for a number of reasons. You talk of the “hun” police, get a life Joseph, this is 2013, the police is full of Catholics and Celtic supporters. You can advocate for a change in the law but you cannot break the law and expect those tasked with law enforcement to ignore you doing so. My main reason for not supporting the GB is that they seek to attack not only the politicians and the police but also the good people who are currently acting as custodians of Celtic F.C. These people are highly regarded in the wider community as people with integrity and great skill in their various professional fields. They have been instrumental in continuing the good work started by Fergus McCann bringing continued success to the Football Club as well has ensuring the business is financially strong. We have much to enjoy and look forward to continuing success on and off the field. Yet, the Green Brigade and their supporters want me and the rest of the support to join with them to attack Peter Lawell and Dermot Desmond for colluding with law officers and politicians to the detriment of their own support-Unbelievable in the extreme and they should be ashamed of themselves-but they won’t because their agenda is not that of the great Celtic support, it is a political agenda and if that agenda means harming the club they won’t care. Our support will never back such an agenda and will never join with this tiny minority in attacking people with proven track records who work hard for the benefit of Celtic Football Club.

  9. browny

    To suggest PL and the board wish to take the Irish out of the club in nonsense on a whole lot of levels not least exploiting for financial gain word-wide marketing opportunities our rivals can only dream of. Could someone from GB explain how the menacing skull logo could possibly be promoting and enhancing the image of the club and our fans? Celtic are an inclusive club not the plaything of the narsacists of the GB. We are all Celtic black, white, rich, poor, Arab, Jew…how ironic that GB are intent on building walls and creating division among the Celtic family while in another place it is their cause celebre to have them demolished. Making nice banners is not a passport for reckless mayhem and madness.

  10. droid

    I look forward to the publication by Celtic FC of all requests for such information in the same open and transparent manner as shown by Microsoft in recent weeks.

  11. joseph mary

    I’ve not missed a season following Celtic since my father took me as a 3 yr old to see the big scary cup being paraded. This is the lowest I have felt about the club since we fought for change in 1994. I love the passion of the green brigade and would urge all Celtic fans to back them at George square … hail hail

    1. Walter Valentine

      The GB do many good things such as the fantastic banner displays and the atmosphere they create gives the team terrific support. They add colour and humour for the entertainment of all. However, there is a saying in the world of economics, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.
      I’m sorry to say this saying applies to the GB. They bring too much baggage or in the language of the economists the “Opportunity Cost” is too great. They are already causing great friction within the support with their radical political views verging on civil war among the support. They put themselves before anyone and anything including the name of our great club. Time for all true Celtic fans to stand up and say “Enough” and give their unequivocal support to Peter Lawell and the Board for their sterling work

  12. George Collins

    I’m sure it’s my imagination, but doesn’t it seem that there are a lot of first-time posters on here? And yet, not one of that other lot have been on to gloat.

    Not one.

    Maybe their comments are still in moderation – unlikely, given some of the usual stuff they’ve posted.

    But still…

    1. SamBrowneBelt

      Very diplomatically put.

      Maybe it’s just a strange coincidence…?

      We’re used to strange coincidences…some are very strange…and some are coincidences.

  13. Mick

    Not sure about this,but I think we won 2-0.
    Truth be told, I don’t think it matters too much.
    What really annoys me at the moment is that Chuckles and Sally are not being challenged on the use of our good name in their fantasy world.
    Phil, please ask Lawell and co when they intend to release a statement distancing us from the franchise club’s stupidity.
    Their intent is to perpetuate the ‘old firm’ myth.
    This has to stop. “Right here, right now”.
    No more old firm. For the good of Scottish football do it now.
    I’d rather watch Celtic v Hibs than Celtic v Wigan.
    Charles Green, bolt ya rocket. Get him and his lowest division told to do one. Please, Lawell.

  14. Mick

    Do we expect a N.W.A. type eff the police response from Celtic?
    The GB, my opinion only, were participants in a ‘why are the Met getting all the action’, ‘we can kettle too’ kind of way.
    Next year there is an international sporting event in Glasgow.
    Threat to anyone, anywhere in Glasgow. 200 Green Brigade, don’t think so. 200 ‘pest control agents’ not so sure. They have airborne cavalry and armoured cavalry on the ground.
    This is not about the GB. This is an erosion of our right not to be criminalised at will and with no reason.
    Wake up.

  15. Sid

    A lot of Hundercover agents at work on this site tonight. Thankfully, those of us with a genuine love for Celtic can see what’s going on and will rise above it, George Collins, I salute you sir. For the record, PL and the club have effed up big time but we will reconcile and move on, ‘mon the Hoops!

  16. City Rider

    Hi Phil,
    I have read your website frequently and have enjoyed the reading. It is clear to see the club are between a rock and a hard place on this one.
    If they don’t comply with providing the names of individuals then they could have their safety certificate refused (is this likely?) or more likely be on the receiving end of horrific press in the witholding of information where potential criminality is being alleged.
    However I would like to know the following:
    1. How many such personal data requests have been made of the club
    2. A breakdown of data requests to where fans are located in the ground.
    3. How many requests have led to arrests
    4. How many of the arrests have led to convictions
    5. What is the average age of the fans

    Not sure where it will all end. All because people want to support their team.

  17. micky burt

    Very good Charles i speak out against the plc and i am now my celtic allegiance is questioned
    Sounds to me like a bit of plc spin from you but lets just wait until you offspring are brutalised by Strathclyde’s finest and see if you still have this train of thought.


    The SNP over-reacted to a touchline ‘spat’ and forced through this ill-thought-out legislation.

    We know what Ibrox mob are doing week-in and week-out, seemingly with impunity (what has happened regarding the Annan fiasco, when the whole of the UK was alerted by ESPN?)…all this and yet some of our number are actually advocating voting for the SNP rabble – for God’s sake wake-up and realise – an independent Scotland will be NO friend to our minority.

    Please remember that during the many years that Rangers fostered and promoted their sectarian employment policy,not one SCOTTISH institution, from councils, regions,press or the footballing authorities ever pressed them to change or hold them up to public shame.

    1. Splocious

      Voting for independence is not a vote for SNP, people need to understand this. Vote yes for independence then vote for whatever you want.

  19. SamBrowneBelt

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out –
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me –
    And there was no-one left to speak for me.

    What nonsense it is for those who say to the GB – you’re more than welcome to come and support “our” club, and to bring your colourful, witty banners, and to sing songs that we (the “proper” Celtic supporters) approve of, and to create an exciting atmosphere while the rest of us fall asleep in our bovril, BUT, just remember, you’re not allowed to sing songs about things we disapprove of, or to voice opinions we disagree with, because we’re the REAL Celtic fans, and you’re lucky we even tolerate you.
    What a damned cheek.

    1. George Collins


      Precisely. We wouldn’t be as vocal, as raucous, as potent, if it weren’t for our background.

      That’s been acknowledged all over the continent.

  20. paul

    Without the GB celtic park will be as dead as cowdenbeth. Without lawell celtic will prosper. Infacti pretty much wish desmond the gangster would sell up so we could all say tahnkyou and a big resounding good fuking bye. The product on the pitch has sunk and will never rise again with the way our clubs going. I dont care what anyone else thinks but theres a hell of a lot more money in celtic than whats fed to us fans. Of that there is no doubt. This club slowly but surely startin to sicken me to the pit of my stomach the way it treats its customers and the shitty non explanitory statements published are the same kind our own tore apart from govan. If inly phil , paul et all could put just 10% of the energy spend on sevco into celtic and bringing the shite out into the open.

  21. Charles

    On this issue there are a number of possibilities’ and I list them in no particular order

    :The Green Brigade are right and Celtic are in collusion with the authorities in their attempt to rid Celtic football club of possibly thousands of supporters and the much needed funds that go with them.

    :The Green Brigade are wrong and Celtic are only doing what they must to retain their safety certificate.

    :Some members of the police have identified a way of targeting certain Celtic supporters and by involving Celtic FC have also discovered a way to insert a wedge between support and club.

    I know that we as a support have always suspected powers at force in Scotland who wish no good for us so I ask you, if you believe what I’ve just said above to be true, then which of them seems the most likely?

    One thing we’ve always done is to not only stand against injustice of any sort but to stand TOGETHER against injustice, we must put these things aside, please don’t believe everything you hear or read, including this I admit and I know some will say “I saw it with my own eyes” remember that the weakest evidence in a court of law is often an eye witness account.

  22. George Collins

    We should also be aware that agent provocateurs will use this site. Expect “we Celtic fans should..” and for it not to be always so.

    With this in mind, we should remember that we ARE part of a family – like any family we will have disagreements and fallouts – and that we should be mindful of which words we use, lest they are used against us and our club by those who would wish us ill.

  23. George Collins

    With David Leggat making an issue of this, it’s time to get some clarity here; Celtic and the GB need to get this sorted as soon as possible.

  24. portpower

    Guilty by suspicion. What`s next? No ticket for the convicted?No matter how trivial the offence. Get ready Ghirls and Bhoys to pay for the privilege to purchase a ticket.

  25. Jumbo

    The gb believe that they represent all celtic fans , they sure dont , they attract all the dafties to where they r and if u don’t like what’s going on to bad that’s why we come here ,the game becomes a side show and that’s why numbers r dropping , bring next to the gb starts fine then the idiots come down and this becomes a big distraction to the point ur nervy and go early, that night in Dundee was a warning good fans must make a stand or b tarnished by same brush as sevco

  26. Tony Donnelly

    Well thats good enough for me, didnt mater what Peter Lawwell said you knew the board haters and Lawwell haters would not accept it it suits there AGENDA not to accept it because that is what the GB is all about divide and conquer keep up with the politics and that creates divisions effectively for the young ones that are naive of what is going on and there for high light there AGENDA, this lot come here for trouble they need it they crave it and are dragging my club into it I knew when Peter Lawwell gave them that section 111 it would come back and bite him in the arse and it has, they have got what they want ATTENTION, as soon as I saw the skull with the green and white scarf and the red star, and the red green and yellow back ground alarm bells went off, this is not your regular supporter club that meets every week at the pub has a laugh and talk about the game no no not this mob, I have said this before and I will say it AGAIN, Celtic dont do sleekit, GB do.

  27. John Monaghan

    POINT of LAW:
    If a company choose to keep records(DATA) then that DATA can be REQUIRED by the Police in order to assist with the Investigation of Crime, ie, PREVENT or DETECT crime, as long as it can be shown that the aquisition of the DATA is both NECESSARY and PROPORTIONAITE. In such circumstances Celtic or any other company have no choice. End of story.

  28. Scots

    Some people really need to get over themselves, including some from the GB. At a time when the forces ranged against us are wounded and more dangerous, we should be sticking together more than ever. Instead we have self importance and bombast, based on very little hard facts and a lot of conjecture. If questions need to be asked then ask them, without making up the answer in advance. As always some people mistake having a voice(the freedom these sites give us)as a sign to further their own agendas and make them selves feel important. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is Celtic we talk of, and they(we collectively)are way more important than you or your power trip. As pointed out by many before me, we have never been in a stronger position, and to fall for the old divide and conquer to stroke your own ego is unforgivable. The people who run Celtic may not be perfect but they are not the enemy and are responsible for getting us to the position of strength we now occupy. When the GB(much as they are a very welcome addition to the family)do a fraction of what these people have done for the club then maybe the importance some people attach to them will be justified. So get a grip, stick together and support your club, don’t vilify them on the flimsiest of unsupported allegations.

  29. Sean

    The GB need Celtic every bit as much and probably more than Celtic need the GB. Sure they can stay together through the odd boycott and protest and maybe even grow stronger in the short term but without Celtic Park to go to and the Celtic cause to gather around they just become another fringe group on the political left with a short shelf life. Absolutely we would all loose out but them more than most.

  30. Alec

    Why is it that so many think that fans of Celtic who enjoy and appreciate much of the atmosphere created by the GB in turn have to accept or turn a blind eye to any bad behaviour? This is the kind of logic I had come to expect from those who supported the now deceased club!

  31. DyersMassacre1919

    Only the Celtic Support could become fractured at this moment in time and only the Celtic Support could consider a conspiracy at our own Club when we have thre rest of Scottish Football at our feet?
    The GB have many,many great attributes and positives that they bring to Paradise that is beyond question but you only need to have a wee gander round their own web site to see that there is another side to their Group.
    A side that could be viewed as subversive and dangerous by those in power both at Celtic and at Police/Govt level who simply do not share their Political view or outlook?
    You are not the provisional wing of Celtic bhoys you are just fitba fans end of story.
    However any action towards or against any Celtic Fan should be regarded as an incident in it’s own right as each and every fan is an individual in their own right and those individuals make their own choices and decisions at any given time.
    If there is a case for abuse of power by the Police or Stewards towards fans those individuals need to got through the proper channels and see a solicitor go through the courts to fight against such injustice.
    To be dragging the name of the Club into it continuously is in my opinion devisive and destructive to say the least.
    We sit on top of the pile in Scotland miles ahead of the rest in terms of ability and financial muscle.
    For the first time in a long time our Club is financially sound,debt free and able to wheel and deal in the market with little or no constraint and yet we have a section of the support now attacking this position from within.
    The GB arent Celtic FC The GB havent put Celtic in the position we are in folks it’s the guys in control that have done this.

    It’s a about time you that are rocking the boat acknowledged this and give guys like PL DD and the rest the Credit they are due.
    I dont think there has ever been a time in our history where we have been in the position we are in right now so for the sake of all us out there that just want to watch a game of fitba without all the other political posturing please stfu and move on.
    Politics should be kept to the political arena and sport should be kept to the Sporting Arena the two should never mix as it is a recipe for disaster.

  32. George Collins

    That was a lot of prevarication.

    Nothing was answered there. In fact, what was said raises suspicions. Only “a tiny proportion of…supporters..” – what does that mean? Any arrests, or information passed on at any ground in Britain could be described as such.

    Quite simply, Celtic have scored an enormous own-goal here. They were asked simple questions, to which they’ve given a politician’s reply: evasion and soundbite.

    They had the chance to come out and bury the accusations; all they’ve done is substantiate them.

  33. Monti

    I was a Jungle regular in the 80’s & 90’s,sang the rebel songs with 10,000 & more in this section of the ground,not once did we think we were bigger than the club. The Green brigade are doing exactly as we did before them & should be applauded for bringing colour,vibrancy,noise & creating an atmosphere within the stadium,I personally like the Green brigade & will support them fully. The Green brigade are being bullied by the police for being political & not backing down to the Police state being created by salmond & his like,Salmond is a Hearts fan,as a Celtic fan I would say Tynecastle is more of a concern than visiting Ibrox,in terms of safety for travelling hoops fans, I have seen/heard bigotry & violence from the Hearts fans many times there,indeed our own manager was assaulted there, has anybody ever heard a Hearts fan complain about the police kettling them before a game? No. My view is the Green brigade are being targeted now because the Police are frustrated that Rangers are dead & they need a channel to vent their confusion,they target the green brigade because they are Celtic. Wonder what wee Fergus & the late Paul Mcbride would have said of the Police & Lord (sic) Nimmo? HH!

  34. browny

    If you want to drive Peter Lawwell away then keep it up GB et al.. Developing a persecution complex is never healthy. Get the chip off your shoulders GB and stop using the club for your own political posturing.

  35. James

    Incase anyone hasn’t heard this, quite interesting.

    Still can’t fathom some people’s opinion on this. All this ‘leave the political stuff behind’ or ‘change the songbook’, apart from being inacurate to say the least, is completely beside the point. D’you know what that kind of talk sounds like? The guff from the former club in Govan and the mainstream media and their ‘lennon brings it on himself’ patter. The fact is that these are CELTIC FANS. Being criminalised for going to football games, not even doing anything criminally wrong. We’re all united in our love of Celtic Football Club, yet people can’t stand up with their fellow fans. Actually borderline sickening.

  36. Whullie

    That statement states that only a tiny proportion of requests are recieved.
    This season Celtic have played 2 friendlies,18 League,2 League Cup,1 Scottish Cup and 6 Champions league games at home.
    If we assume an average of 30k fans at each game and 60k fans at the CL games, that is a total of 1.05 MILLION fans in Celtic park over the season.
    IF that “tiny proportion is as low as 1%, that equates to 10,500 requests.
    Still an awfy lot of, cough, “requests”.

    1. Spuds

      …and IF that tiny proportion is 0.001%, that’s 10.5 requests (the half being a Chelsea fan hanging around to cause trouble). So what’s your point?

  37. Thomas

    I support Celtic FC, and I applaud the GB.
    what happened to GB before the Dons game was an outrage! Ibelieve PL will grill SPF for answers.
    You were right to ask Q’s, clears the air.
    GB think about where we are, Celtic first, Celtic last, always Celtic.

  38. Kenny

    “The right thing to do”… bombarded with that phrase by the Tory party don’t want yo hear it from my club!!!!

  39. SamBrowneBelt

    A wordy statement that says little.
    No mention of Section 111.
    No denial of the comments Peter Lawwell is alleged to have made.
    Sometimes what is not said is more telling than what is.

  40. martybhoy

    In my honest opinion Lawell is only being the monkey for the organ grinder Desmond.Highly paid hired hand to do his master’s bidding and get Celtic out of Scotland pronto.
    Looks like he has been ordered to lose any of the ‘traditions ‘ which Dermot feels would hinder Celtic’s acceleration to the promised land of the EPL.
    Celtic’s pathetic statement and lack of reaction to the LNS whitewash on Deadclub will ensure I never set foot in Paradise until the current custodians have gone.
    Lawell and Charlie Chuckles are two cheeks from the same arse.
    I thought John Reid was bad but it’s beyond this now.
    Speak up or give us our club back you cowards.

  41. malceye

    new style but old content. The new man at the legal helm uses many words to disguise a lack of content. “Collusion” is a strong word. I’m not sure that is the accusation that most direct against the club. “Apathy” might seem more appropriate. Saying that you will not tolerate harassment is not quite the same as saying you will do something about it.

  42. Hurricane67

    In Peter Lawell, Celtic have the most committed Director in their long history!He IS a real Celtic man!have no doubt about that Even Arsenal,s millions could not persuade him to go south! He has the fans interest at heart all right,and if the fans don,t let Celtic down, he Certainly wont let them down!

  43. Hurricane67

    In Peter Lawell, Celtic have the most committed Director in their long history!He IS a real Celtic man!have no doubt about that!even

  44. paul

    Another statement that does or solves anythinf. Imfact read between the limes and tou could be forgiven for thinkin their admittin havig supporters arrested. Aload of old tosh.same old same old with this club. When supporters dontmatter the only thing left that does is takig the hard earned cash off these supporters for nothing but a mediocre at best product ,to be treated as a criminal and banned from celtic games , without nopositive conviction. Its a fukin shamblesand i think ts about time all these cybertims put atleast half the amount of energy spent bloggin about oldco and newco into bloggin and investigating our own club amd those in charge bc i for one KNOW there will be alot to come out as bad as our deceased neighbours n deserve to see heads roll

  45. Tommo



  46. John

    Hi Phil, a wee bit late with this statement ( the club of course, not u) however, not much more the board could say! As a support we need to stick together & work through the existing club channels, and not just if it u being targeted! If anyone sees a fellow Celtic fan being harrassed, make a note of what u have seen & report it! Hail Hail & keep up the great work Phil 😉

  47. The Wallace

    Just as I thought the GB are being used by the police and the club to highlight their dislike of the new legislation. This I am now sure is a dig at perceived unwarranted interference from Holyrood. Everyone is just following orders. This leaves the GB as patsy’s, being used to accomplish a task that neither the club or police can or are willing to tackle head on.
    Or am I suffering from paranoia again?

  48. kertur1888

    i`ve been going to Celtic games for nearly 30 years through the bad times and the good times and have never known our support to be so divided. if the GB want to stop supporting Celtic well let them. and phil i have bought several of your books and really enjoyed them but i feel you are letting yourself down on this subject. Celtic will be around far longer than the GB!!!

  49. Bawsman

    I think it’s time to be a bit positive, draw a line in the sand, give the club the benefit of the doubt and face the police/politicians as one going forward.

  50. Jim Wood

    Thanks Phil.
    It has come to this.Celtic turning their back on fans of the club, what have we become . I thought the Barca thing” More than a club” was a positive statement. Have we really added our CFC plc version with the phrase ” A company as well.” Is this really in the spirit of the history. These guys seem more like the club than those “leaving the rope” in my opinion.
    I write with some claim to authority on the matter however.I remember shouting abuse at Mr. Souness when he was manager of Oldco during a reserve game at CP. I was drunken daft and laughing at him ( among other things,) as we were beating them by a barrow load. This joyous ‘banter’ was cut short however when the then chairman Mr DW stood up and in the loudest voice you have ever heard shouted, “ARREST THAT BOY!” Luckily some semblance of my remaining brain activity kicked in at this point and I ran off. My friends told me after that I was way OTT. I just remember that it was the beast and I thought it was funny.
    I can understand why DW wanted me out of sight on reflection. But I can also remember how hurt I felt that one of the top people (in my mind at the time, I was young,) Mr DW chairman of Celtic had wanted me arrested.This was my team , my people and my community, I was laughing at the beast and I was chased out of paradise.It took many years to feel the same about the club after that. I only hope the club know what they are doing by taking the stand they have against supporters of our beloved club and that they are not chasing more of us away like DW did to me all those years ago.
    Keep at them Phil.

    1. SamBrowneBelt

      Jim, Desmond White retired before Souness/Penis arrived (just how drunk were you :)) but I agree with your sentiments.

    2. Jim Wood

      It was Mr White I think. I am not sure of the timeline of his demise, but it was his shout and to answer how drunk. Pretty drunk. we won 4-0 or 5-0 that’s how drunk I was, I’m not even sure of the score, but maybe Souness wasn’t manager yet but had just said something that had upset me. I don’t know I was just drunk and daft. There was not a bit of bigotry in me though, so I couldn’t have said anything like that ,I wasn’t brought up that way, it was just like an infant GB only with less numbers, class or humor. It didn’t stop me for long thankfully, but then again I wasn’t arrested.
      I am glad you get my point however can the people that run this organisation afford to turn their backs on fans who bring so much to the stadium every week. Is this our generations “flying of the Irish flag moment.” In which case is there a hero to stand up for our people or are we just going to hand their names over to the police. Do not get me wrong without fair policing we are currently unable to live as a civil society, they have a hard job and most do it well. The laws they are enforcing are the problem and perhaps the Celtic plc board should be attempting to face down this monstrosity of a law rather than Celtic fans.

  51. Mick

    Total cop out by the club. I have previously stated on various forums that I have witnessed victimisation of our fans. Not once have these letters been published. Who determines when a “crime” or possible crime is in progress?Strathclydes finest? I wouldn’t trust that mob with my weekly shopping. Is Lawell and the rest of our board oblivious to the allegiance held by the VAST majority of these so called protectors of our streets. I am disgusted with my club and their actions in this matter. They should walk to games home and away with ordinary fans and see how we are treated.They live in an alternative universe to us.
    Disgruntled pensioner, and season ticket holder for 30 years..

  52. jonniebhoy

    “we do not act in collusion with the police”and yet earlier in the statement they admitted to doing so.If your going to lie make sure your consistent,this reads like the propganda/bullshit we’ve been experiencing from the tribute act across the city.

    1. Charles

      There’s a vast difference to cooperating in regards to what a club is expected to do to retain their safety certificate and being in collusion

  53. Monty

    If the Green Brigade stopped imagining themselves to be endlessly-persecuted martyrs at every twist and turn, and accepted the fact that their political agenda has absolutely no place at a football game than it has at mass on a Sunday, or at their wee sisters First Communion, they’d start growing up and acting responsibly.

  54. lordmac

    if football fans are getting pulled up in airports
    what do you think is identifying them, is it information received, or eye identification, or a photo fit, and if any of them is it legal to use.

  55. sensiblecelt

    Well done CFC, proving that there’s nothing to be gained by trying to obstruct the Police in the course of their enquiries. Some of the detractors on these forums are obviously unaware that it is incumbent on people to assist the Police in these matters.
    The facts are that the GB is an extremist faction which allies itself to our beloved club for furtherance of their own views, not solely for the purposes of simply supporting Celtic. They are a disparate group of individuals living in the past and are only dragging our club’s good name into the mud.
    The other Saturday they were simply intent on breaking the law by trying to railroad an illegal procession up the Gallowgate and were thwarted by the Police whom they then blamed for what transpired.

    Get a life and support the team properly – or get yourselves across the sea if that’s what really interests you.

    1. Derrybhoy

      Sensiblecelt .. is this what it’s come to ? ‘get yourself across the sea’.. you wouldn’t sound out of place in Tynecastle or the fomer Ibrox … …you’d probably have said this to Brother Walfrid. Regarding the Green Brigade…maybe they remind some of us too keenly of where we all started from. I think they’re fantastic!

    2. BradyBHOY

      It looks to me that Celtic want to get rid of their Irish identity, i have read some comments on here about the GB asif it’s RFC fans saying it, the GB are political, so what? Have a look around alot of football teams all over the world and you’ll see there’s mostly a political faction of fans at most Clubs, i feel my Club is losing it’s identity and what’s worse is the Club are helping police lock up fans and from what i’m reading on here wtf has happened to the Celtic family who always stood shoulder to shoulder, some of your comments regarding the GB are a disgrace and they might be political but that doesn’t mean we should get rid of them, they sing songs deemed sectarian but us Scots do the same thing when singing Flower Of Scotland or American fans when singing Star Spangled Banner, the Irish people are proud of most of their songs about some brave Men that have fought the British in same way as we and others have done and now it seems like the Club are trying to get rid of this and it’s identity in order to suit an agenda, i’m disgusted by this and it seems like this statement has only made situation worser going by some of these comments by some saying people should go back to ireland if want to say and do certain things, what a stupid thing to say about your own fans, this isn’t the Celtic support i have grew up with, shocking.

    3. Greenjedi

      Celtic want to get rid of their Irish identity


      Lets see

      The Manager is Irish

      The biggest shareholder is Irish

      The club plays Irish songs over the tannoy

      The Manager wears a trackie top with the colours of Ireland on its collar

      The Irish Flag flies proudly over The Jungle

      The club has been adding wee hints of orange to the hoops over the last few years

      So I can only assume you’re at it

  56. stevie

    At the end of the day the club & its’ staff are there to do a job and to look after Celtic plc and its’ reputation……as is said on this forum often,no one person or group is bigger than the club.We ARE all one big family and IF people in that family step out of line or bring unwanted attention to the family circle then they should be brought to task.As far as i’m led to believe the GB are an intelligent group of lads.They bring a fantastic atmosphere to Celtic Park that was most certainly lacking before they came around.If they leave the politics behind and self police themselves to stay out of trouble then everyone including the club will HAIL them as a wonderful attribute to Celtic F.C. both home and away.We need a strong support,we need a strong board,we need a safe stadium and we need everyone to pull together for the FAMILY.

  57. Micky Burt

    Usuall old bullshit from the plc collaboraters
    Only fan power can get the fat cats attention
    Around 40% of our csc members will withhold
    Season ticket money next season
    Feck going to a match and jepordising your freedom

    1. Charles

      To threaten our club with a refusal to buy season tickets at this time is a threat to the existence of the club.
      I’ve long been suspicious of some posters allegiance on this site, as much as I appreciate Phil’s global acceptance and lack of censorship we can have no assurance that those on this site have the betterment and welfare of Celtic at heart

  58. Larssonse7en

    Total corporate evasion Phil. Never answered one question you put to them and used the usual H&S and crime prevention to hide behind. I am so disappointed in the club over this whole fiasco…. they should man up and tell the truth. That statement is politician speak to me… all that’s missing is the fake and phoney gestures that accompany these type of statements when you actually see them being made!

  59. Gaz

    There’s nothing Celtic can do….It’s the law that’s wrong.

    They’re legally obliged to disclose information to the police regarding individuals who the police suspect of criminal activity.

    They can’t refuse to give it, they’re LEGALLY obliged.

    I don’t see that as collusion. The Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill is a terrible law. Celtic’s hands are tied.

    I don’t agree with it and fans across Scotland are being victimised and criminalised because of it.

    It needs to be changed and it needs to be changed soon before normal fans are driven away from football.

    Not by Celtic’s collusion with the Police, but by the police using an unjust law to criminalise innocent fans.

  60. lordmac

    i think they have gave the names of most the green brigade by there position on the seat they take up when asked,
    they then make out the SFA joke and UEFA have this great authority.

  61. Walter Valentine

    Well Phil, now that we have a clear and unambiguous response from Celtic to your questions, I and I suspect many others who have followed and enjoyed your blog on the downfall of RFC eagerly await your response. Personally I am of the opinion that the integrity of Peter Lawell and those in charge at Celtic was never in question. Our club has never been in safer hands. Look forward to your response.

  62. willietim

    the problem at celtic park is the continual standing,which is illegal and could lead to celtic losing it’s operating licence ,at away games it is almost impossible to sit down this discourages many elderly and infirm fans from attending

  63. Mairtin

    “We will not tolerate harrassment of Celtic supporters in any way, shape or form” Not only have they tolerated it but they have actively taken part in it.
    An embarrassing statement in a long line of embarrassing statements.

    1. TJ Hooper

      Paul, if the club don’t cooperate with Strathclyde rozzers who are investigating a ‘crime’ then they risk losing their safety certificate. Its not for the club to decide what’s a crime worth investigating or not. What they can do is stick up for fans where the police abuse their powers. I don’t see what you would have the club do here.

    2. Garybhoy78

      Why don’t the green brigade just sing songs that are ONLY football related? It really is that simple. This is what is at the heart of the issue. Stop singing your political anthems that have no place in a 21st century football ground and if the harassment doesn’t stop then you have won the moral argument.

      How long till your refusal to change the songbook causes issues with other Celtic fans and police?

      I think the bill is a joke but the green brigade are playing into the polices hands. No one has the right to use any football ground of football club as a vehicle for promoting and expressing their political view, so get off your freedom of speech high horses.

    3. Coyote Briggs

      @ Garybhoy78

      You hit the nail on the head with as little words as possible. Thank you!

      If the green brigade would concentrate on going to CP to support Celtic and keep their political agendas for somewhere that wasn’t CP then our WHOLE support would be 100 % behind them.

      I know a group of guys who stopped going to home games and would only go to away games. It turns out that there are a vast number of fans who will only go to away games in order to promulgate their Ultra/Pro IRA agenda.

      Honest, genuine Celtic fans please, keep the faith. The minority Ultras cannot be allowed to dilute our clubs integrity.


    4. George Collins

      If we stop singing about Ireland’s politics, how long down the line before we’re told to stop singing about Ireland end-of? (Remember Celtic’s stance against the SFA in ’52?)

      If we stop waving Palestinians flags, how long before Ireland, or even Scotland, flags are confiscated?

      Everyone I know was unequivocal when it came to the Boycott South Africa programme – should politics have kept out of sport then?

      Politics are what define us, what makes us who we are; you can’t divest Celtic fans from their beliefs. Remember Maggie in ’88?

      “For if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night.” (James Baldwin: An open letter to my sister Angela Davis 17/11/70.)

  64. werpaul

    Phil, ive followed you from the start and have always been on your side and i could say the same about the green brigade, but im tired of reading you now and im tired of the green brigade thinking they ate bigger than the club. S.TOP. do us all a favour and STOP. its done its over…move on. Hail Hail

    1. James

      werpaul, no one’s forcing you to read Phil’s articles. And I think the vast majority of supporters would like to be kept informed of the situation. As for the whole ‘green brigade thinking they’re bigger than the club’ argument, despite the fact that it is far from the point in this instance, i’m sure that you were one of the many fans who enjoyed the display at the barcelona game, or the last ever old firm game. Yet when the group are victimised and punished for supporting the club (the whole purpose of their being) they are cast out as being bigger than the club. Nonsense.

  65. Baz

    So they do provide info but only if they think the police are correct in pursuing the individual? If we believe this then it’s essentially down to whether the police are being truthful with the club?


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