Structural stresses

Perhaps were was another reason for things being so tense at Sevco towers today.

I understand that a forensically precise missive from Glasgow City Council remains unanswered.

Indeed, I am informed that such is the precision of the questions contained therein that it was rather difficult to compose a suitable reply.

Consequently, it would be advisable for any respondent to answer without any evasion, equivocation or any mental reservation whatsoever.

My source informs me that the author of the letter clearly has a solid grounding in the nuts and bolts matters of stadium construction and maintenance.

Moreover, the chaps at the City Chambers would like some answers, precise pish-free ones to be…err…precise.

Of course, in the end, someone will have to come up with the answers.

Unfortunately, at the moment the Sevco High Command appear to be better at passing the buck than their players are at passing the ball.

However, I am sure that all of this will be answered satisfactorily in due course in a way that is just, perfect and regular.




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