The admirable Murray

Spare a thought for Paul Murray the loyal lieutenant of Mr David Cunningham King.

Firstly I understand from sources that the former was not fully aware of the latter’s movements in London on Friday June 12th.

Subsequently, he was confident enough to rubbish initially my reports of the meeting between Mike Ashley and the South African-based offshore entrepreneur.

Recently the admirable Murray has been attempting to have a dialogue with Big Mike about the possibility of more Newcastle players on loan for this season.

However, the Sports Direct magnate was not for taking the call.

I am told that further attempts to parley directly with people at St James’ Park met with even less success.

This course of action may come as a surprise to you dear reader given the impressive array of talent that has already been brought into the Sevco squad for the new campaign.

The evidence of over-investment is clear to see for anyone equipped with Sevco tinted spectacles.

The same source who had originally told me of the meeting on June 12th stated to me with quiet authority that “…we could be days away from a formal legal request for the £5 million…”

He had also heard that Murray Park had been offered to Big Mike by way of full and final settlement of that debt.

However the world and his accountant know that the real value in the assets secured by the January 27th loan is the iconic Albion car park and registered trademarks.

Perhaps some intrepid stenographer could check out the following story for their paper:

They could ask Brentford if there has been communications from the Ibrox club regarding taking Lewis McLeod back on loan.

The second question would be relating to the dialogue ending when Sevco was asked to pay the lad’s wages.

I would not be surprised if sources close to Big Mike start to agitate around the issue of the remuneration of Mr Paul Murray and the expenses culture among the New Regime.

It would appear that while they were in the Big House Mr Derek Llambias and Mr Barry Leach made a good impression on the staff there.

The employees at Ibrox saw these two guys for what they were and what they were trying to achieve.

Subsequently, lines of communication were not closed off when they left the building.

It’s good when old colleagues keep in touch.

The two Sports Direct guys focussed on the essential truth about Sevco in the months they sat at the boardroom table and that this is a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

This is the reason that, since February 2014, it has been kept a float only through various emergency measures.

Until the business is put on a sustainable basis, then it will remain in crisis.

The fact that the customer base thinks it is a club established in 1872 rather than one created in 2012 does not alter that basic financial reality.

I’m sure the admirable Murray will fully grasp that fact and act accordingly, because any other course of action could be unfortunate.



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