The art of war

All warfare is based on deception.

With Sun Tzu’s wisdom in mind then it is a given that it is always a huge advantage if the enemy reveals their true disposition and strength.

I discussed the Rangers protest march this morning with a senior person in Scottish football administration.

He was surprised at the low turnout he had expected upwards of 20,000.

As it transpired 8,000 seems to be the consensus for how many walked from Queen’s Park to the steps of Hampden Park last Saturday.

I stated to him that this figure was probably near to the Rangers core away support.

So at least now the SPL chairmen know what they will lose if a Rangers NewCo are not voted back into Scotland’s top flight next season.

This is a decision between morality and money.

Now, at least, the 11 clubs and their proxies on the SPL board will know how much will be lost in monetary terms.

The value of morality is, of course, pointless if you have no morals in these matters.

I know that UEFA is watching the entire circus closely.

For me the important point is that a NewCo is not Rangers (1872).

That is the big picture.

Liquidation means the death of any club that goes through that process.

It is the end of the timeline.

I have spotted an attempt to construct an alternative narrative among some of the more distraught of the mainstream media in Scotland.

All I would say is that the members of the laptop loyal who are peddling this fiction have emotional reasons for doing so.

They just can’t handle the truth.

Rangers are about to die.

Through the cheating years Celtic endured.

It was painful, but we waited by the river in the toughest of weather and we stayed in the fight.

The storm is over and any day now we expect to see a body floating past.

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