The benefits of Armageddon

Today Tayside will visit the East end of Glasgow.

I doubt that this is what Stewart Regan had in mind in 2012 when he spoke of a “slow lingering death” for Scottish football.

Neil Doncaster spoke in biblical terms of what  would become of Scottish football without the Ibrox brand in the top flight.

The people who run the national game told us that there would be terrible consequences if there wasn’t a Rangers, any Rangers, in the SPL.

Stewart Regan even speculated that the Queen’s peace might be endangered.

Well yes there is some social unrest, but I do hope that that klan learn to love each other again.

As a complete neutral in the affair I hope that the Saints do it and have a memorable day.

As this excellent piece in the Scottish Football Monitor explains the concept of ‘Armageddon’ for Scottish football without a Rangers, any Rangers, in the top flight of the national game is, to put it mildly, pish.

In the ‘best of the rest’ competition it came down to the final bounce of the ball between Aberdeen and Motherwell.

The battle to avoid the Play Off spot was also enthralling to observe.

The Dons have the League Cup at Pittodrie and now the Scottish Cup is being fought over by Dundee United and St Johnstone.

Raith Rovers picked up the Ramsdens after they swatted away Sevco.

Instead of fretting about the absence of a Rangers the people who run the national game would do well to actually try and understand why people love it.

Not the nuances of the Offside Law or whether or not they believe in wingbacks, but what makes the game breathe in Scotland.

The folk on the 6th floor at Hampden stared into the headlights in 2012 because they thought Rangers were Scottish football.

Well today proves the fallacy of that belief.

If people believe that the game is straight and not skewed in favour of one club/company/celestial entity then football in Scotland will thrive.

Today the men in blue will bring 15,000 folk from a city of 42,000 souls.

If the final was being played at Hampden then it would be close to a full house

The Ibrox franchise will continue to decompose because any club playing out of there will not be a vehicle for supremacism any more.

Celtic are clearly the preeminent power in the land, but they are behaving without arrogance or bombast.

Only Celtic can topple Celtic in Scotland.

In the rest of the national game there is real growth and excitement.

The Dundee derby is back in the top league again.

The Edinburgh derby may yet be in the Championship next season.

I do not mourn the Glasgow derby and, I’m sure, neither do the emergency services like the Ambulance folks.

That’s the same Ambulance Service that Rangers (1872-2012) stiffed for thousands in unpaid bills.

Stay classy…

A cup final is a great occasion.

My first one was 1969.

Almost twenty years later I showed Thatcher a red card that had been provided by NHS workers outside of old Hampden.

That day the Arabs went home empty handed, although they gave a good account of themselves thanks to Patsy Gallacher’s grandson.

St Johnstone are the romance story of this final and they have my affections for the day.

I know from sources close to the Perth club that their young chairman Steve Brown had to endure some very unpleasant communications from the klan during the ‘No To NewCo’ period two years ago.

In the end fairness won out and Sevco started at the bottom and the Fitba firmament did not collapse in on our heads.

Today might belong to United, but the Saints and Stevie May might have something to say about that.

Almost all of the match winning players on either side are young and Scottish.

If this is the appalling vista that Stewart Regan envisaged in 2012 when Rangers died then I’ll have more of the same please.

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