The benefits of working from home

As regular readers here will know, I consider Mr Stewart Robertson to be one of the few competent professionals currently in the Sevco High Command.

He has previous experience at a senior football club (Motherwell FC) and an overall impressive CV.

In recent weeks he has been mainly working from home and no harm in that at all.

I do that myself, and it’s great for the work-life balance.

Last week some senior members of the High Command wanted to meet up with Mr Robertson.

Indeed, they were very keen for the quintessentially British conclave to go ahead.

I understand that they wanted to go over some issues with him before the Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) AGM next week.

One thing in particular which these dignified gents wanted to explore was a certain email apropos the world famous and highly prestigious Lion Brand.

Apparently, someone had emailed the Holding Company Vehicle about the relationship between the Lion Brand and the Engine Room Subsidiary.

It is, at this point, not clear if the author of the communication was a concerned shareholder or just an ordinary Sevco supporter.

What I can reveal is that Mr Robertson replied to this email very quickly indeed.

Well, he is a thoroughly professional chap.

What seems to be concerning several members of the High Command is that whoever sent this email knew their way around the organisational and IT landscape of Sevco.

My information is that Mr Robertson wasn’t the original recipient of this communication and it was forwarded to him.

There is no suggestion that there was anything untoward about Mr Robertson’s prompt reply.

Indeed his answer was as thorough as it was evidence based.

Therefore I am at something of a loss why some members of the High Command are so perplexed apropos this apparently innocent correspondence.

This has augmented their fears that some embarrassing questions could be asked from the floor regarding the Holding Company Vehicle’s relationship with the Lion Brand.

The meeting with Mr Robertson was duly arranged.

Moreover, it was to be off-site in some high-class hotel and not in Argyle House…

Sadly, at the last moment, Mr Robertson felt unwell.

Consequently, the meeting did not go ahead.

I hope that he will be fully recovered in time for the AGM.

21 thoughts on “The benefits of working from home

  1. Grab the grass

    First well done on the award. We’ll deserved. Don’t know what’s happened to JJ. No blogs or comments since Thursday night…. Too much champagne?

    I really hope someone asks about the 2.9 million at the AGM. I’ve yet to hear anything anywhere about where this came from. At least the Singapore or HK loan last year was partially explained. The latest loan though seams to have escaped any attention. Follow the money!

  2. tarboltontim

    Wishing Mr Robertson a speedy recovery.
    The Lionbrand website still carries the message: “All proceeds from sales will be invested directly into the club.” However, there appears not to be any income stream from Lionbrand in the last published accounts of the Ibrox club. Will there be questions regarding this at a very dignified AGM this week?

  3. Jim bhoy

    The sevco Agm is not to be missed but who will be there,
    Will Mr king still be absent, all will be revealed on Friday,
    Can’t wait.

  4. Jay Beer

    Congratulations Phil, excellent result.
    Keep on exposing sevco and the peepull until it is accepted that they are a new club….and its history dates from 2012. HH

  5. Pat Nevins' Barnet

    Anyone know if Paddy Power ( or any online betting outlet) is doing odds on ‘Squinty Dave’ turning up ? Eeerrr … I mean ‘jetting in!’?

    If he does…. I wonder how much excess baggage he will need for that 30 million.

    “Anything to declare Mr King?”

  6. Rumpole of the Bailey

    The illiteratti are being prepared for the worst:

    “His address was titled The Rangers Case: HMRC v Murray Group Holdings – Substance and form – the triumph of reality over language? It fully backed his Court of Session ruling. He also said there were now clear precedents for courts to take a “brutally realistic” view of such schemes in future.”

    EBTs are illegal and the titles were cheated and corrupted.

    “Lord Drummond Young then trashed the idea that such payments were loans.”

    The Knighthood must be stripped.

    1. Hoochie Koochie Man

      If you claim to legally be the same club and legally own the titles and the history then you can legally be sued by aggrieved parties (fans and clubs) for losses due to your cheating corruption.

      That’s 12 years of DOS and EBT cheating others out of revenue, interest and Champions League entry, you fully lay claim to TRFC.

      Wait out. A little longer.

      1. Croppy Bhoy

        Could one of the creditors not be persuaded to sue Sevco for their money back seeing as they are claiming to be the same club?

        A wee crowd funded lawsuit would be just the ticket to get a definitive answer on the ‘same’ club issue.

  7. Rob O'Keeffe

    Congrats on your win Phil.Please let’s concentrate on Barca and the Cup Final this coming week.No news about Rancid F.C.They won’t exist in 3 years time anyway!!

  8. Rumpole of the Bailey

    They were bust in October and needed a critical £2.9m. Mr Robertson has a very difficult daily magic act to perform. It is no wonder he feels unwell at times.

    Is it true yourself and JohnJames are going on Peter and Roughie and other Scottish football tv and radio shows as the faces of successful Scottish football blogging at U.K. Top level? I’m sure it would be funny.

    It’s a rare Scottish football success story. Two Blogs on Scottish football being UK award winning recipients. Clearly an SMSM opportunity to showcase this success.

    1. Mr Mah Jest Stick


      You think they saw the ‘Snowflakes on Blue’ design and it reminded them of their soon-to-be-stripped ‘5 Stars’?

      Or was it the aptly named ‘Seed Stitch (Up) Scarf’ that caught their magpie eye ..?

      Knitwits! 😀

    2. Cortes

      It’d be a real shame if a corporate entity with a legitimate, successful commercial brand were to be made aware of the “passing off” which is potentially injurious to its reputation. The golden oldie “Quantum” might be a hit again.

  9. Guy Brown

    Everything seems tickety-boo in the Sevco wonderland…senior employee takes sick to avoid AGM crucial planning meeting. Got a feeling Mr Robertson didn’t want ambushed by being asked to rescind his original email or be party to re-spin of the information?

  10. RabHawTheGlagaeGlutton

    The cat would appear to be out of the bag. Quell surprise that the glib & shameless one, well, is a glib & shameless one. He has form, always seems to get caught though, ah well, all a well that ends well.


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