The City that steps up.

A little over a year on from the Clutha tragedy more horror visited Glasgow yesterday.

At times like this it appears that almost every able bodied Glaswegian is in the emergency services.

People just step up.

This was seen very emphatically in the Clutha incident where passers-by ripped at rubble with their bare hands.

At George Square yesterday there was immediate emotional support in and around Glasgow’s concrete village green.

This piece captures that reality very well.

I had stepped across the rain soaked meeting place earlier that day on the away to the airport.

The last time I had spent any time there was in September this year when it became ‘independence square’ during the referendum campaign.

When the tragedy happened I was already on my way home from Glasgow to Donegal.

I was visiting people who I would not be spending Christmas with.

One mission was to address the crippling cardigan shortage afflicting Baillieston grannies.

I also delivered to her the latest batch of framed photographs to show my mother how growed up her three grandchildren are.

Like the  all the people  in George Square yesterday morning I had places to be and loved ones on my mind.

Then it happened.

Of course this stuff just shouldn’t happen, but it does.

Other than cruel chance and inexplicable timing I have no other explanation.

When these events arrive it becomes the best of times and worst of times for the city or the community within which it occurs.

Cities, like people, have unique personalities and they’re created over generations.

They are established and then they change and evolve, but they’re always identifiably what they are to native and visitor alike.

If you do not think that cities can have a personality then consider the difference between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

They’re pretty good examples.

They’re different places with a different vibe.

My native city is brash, opinionated and in your face.

It is also caring, selfless and warm and, in the toughest of times, brave.

Glasgow steps up when it matters.

No one needs to come up with some bullshit marketing slogan in the City Chambers that lauds the place.

The people of Glasgow do this stuff naturally and without thinking.

Moreover, they do it brilliantly.

My thoughts this morning are with the people affected by this awful spin of the existential dice.

I hope dear reader that you and yours are safe and well and that you’re where you need to be this midwinter.




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