The credulous and the cowardly

I can only imagine that whoever who crafted this statement was confident that no journalist in Scotland would subject it to any serious scrutiny.

Yesterday I reported that Mr David Cunningham King and Mr George Letham recently had a meeting.

At that get together I believe that the serious lack of liquidity at the current Ibrox entity was earnestly discussed.

Because I am aware of the terms of that conversation I was surprised to see Mr Douglas Park quoted in the RIFC statement.

My information as of yesterday was that Mr Park and his family had called time on putting any more money into the current entity on Edmiston Drive.

A diligent journalist in Scotland, ideally one who did not need access to the Ibrox Press Box, might go and check that one out

Moreover I understand that relationships within the new club are becoming somewhat strained.

If this is so then it should come as no surprise to us, given what we already know of the cash crisis at Ibrox.

Our fearless reporter on Clydeside could do worse than seek out new Chief Executive Mr Stewart Robertson and gauge his working relationship with Mr Paul Murray.

Indeed they might want to conduct a lengthy interview with the ex-Motherwell chap.

The George Letham to Shirebrook line is easy to check for our intrepid journalist in Glasgow if she or he were dispatched by a supportive editor.

In fact there is a series of good story lines contained within this statement.

Instead the mainstream reproduces the RIFC statement without any interrogative whatsoever.

The media get their copy and The People are soothed that all is well off the field at Ibrox.

This is exactly what was happening at Old Rangers in the final months of 2011.

I knew at the time that the narrative coming out of Ibrox was essentially false.

Indeed I told my readers here during that period that Rangers (1872) were heading for an Insolvency Event.

Moreover, I did not expect the mainstream media to challenge the official line that everything on Edmiston Drive was ticketyboo.

Consequently, The People were surprised when Rangers entered Administration in February 2012.

When journalists take statements from organisations as holy writ without checking them to destruction then the Public Interest is not being served.

The Craig Whyte billionaire story in the Daily Record in November 2010 has gone into Fitba Folklore.

It is worth noting that the guilty are still at their desks telling The People that all is well at Ibrox.

Their excuse now for the infamous PR puff piece about Craig Whyte’s amazing personal wealth is that they were only following orders.

In the eyes of many those who were associated with that sugar daddy fiction are forever tarred with the sickening sycophantic brush

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