The Daily Record catches up.

Today’s “revelations” in the Daily Record about the parlous state of Rangers’ finances should certainly spell the end of the denial phase for those who are emotionally attached to the Ibrox club.

Regular readers here should not have gasped in horror at the idea that Scotland’s establishment club have mortgaged future season ticket sales just to keep going.

Also the “scoop” about the non payment of VAT will come as no surprise to regulars here.

A recurring theme of my coverage of Ranger’s financial problems is that the story was always out there for the mainstream media if they wanted it badly enough.

Mark Daly’s documentary for the BBC on Craig Whyte’s business history is proof enough that there is a great story in the Whyte takeover..

Despite threats of legal action by the club’s billionaire owner no writs have been issued to date.

It is the print media that has been behind the curve on this story.

When Craig Whyte became the new owner of Rangers they seemed quite happy to take press releases and file it as copy.

When you do that you stop being a journalist and it is always a course of action that can come back and bite you.

The Scottish tabloids dependent, in the main on a Rangers readership, feared a loss in sales that would tip THEM into insolvency.

I know I know…

Anyway better late  and all that.

Welcome aboard guys.

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