The essential value of heresy

There is an article of faith that anyone working in the Fitba Fourth estate must now adhere to.

It is the sort of Nicene Creed of the age and it was introduced in 2012.

The club currently playing at Ibrox must always be referred to as the same club that was formed in 1872.

For the avoidance of doubt, that is the club that had a signing ban on Catholics for most of the 20th century.

It also managed to be the only club out of 191 senior teams to overlook a Republic of Ireland international in the Post-War era.

It is that club that was liquidated in 2012.

However, the hacks must pretend that Charles Green did not buy a “…basket of assets…” four years ago from Duff & Phelps, but instead purchased a fully formed football club that was 140 years old.

In short, the agreed narrative among the stenographers is that Rangers FC was not liquidated.

The stenographers will concede that there WAS a liquidation, but it was this new creation of the imagination, the ‘Holding Company Vehicle’.

Initially, they had called it exactly right as these front pages will attest:


It truly was RFC RIP.

Then, later on in the summer of 2012, the Fitba Fourth Estate, taking their lead from the Blazers at Hampden, realised that they could ignore a central tenet of Scots Law.

This is exactly the reportage that The People wanted to consume.

They were being assured that their club had not died and they desperately needed to cling to that fantasy.

Comforting Lies

Several of my trade in Scotland have privately conceded to me that this same club narrative is risible and embarrassing.

However, they’ve told me that adherence to this official fiction is non-negotiable despite it being patently erroneous.

They have to espouse publicly what they believe to be patently untrue ‘for the good of the game’.

Consequently, they have found themselves closer to Eusebius than Eusébio.

Belief in the Holding Company Vehicle is now a strict requirement for employment in sports journalism in Scotland.

I often ponder that there might be some  North Korean style training theory test before you get your Holding Company Vehicle (HCV) licence.

Once you have your ticket, you are street legal to spout this utter tosh.

Anyone who points to the nakedness of this fiction is told to let it go.

Last week on Twitter the Beeb’s Kenny MacIntyre asked everyone to “move on”.

‏” @bbckennymac @davidro50017125 @bbcsportsound @mintys_lamb people have different opinions on that. Let’s move on and debate other subjects.

“12:00 AM – 1 Mar 2016.”

Sorry, but I can’t agree with that Kenny and you really should know better.

Perhaps the chaps at Pacific Quay saw all too clearly what happened to their colleague Jim Spence when he had the misfortune to state the truth live on air.

Since 2012, it has become increasingly clear that being off message on the same club fiction can be detrimental to your career.

Now with the Cup Semi-Final draw the stenographers are in raptures.

They get the best opportunity since 2012 to wish that the Cadaver Club of Ibrox is still with us.

If Rangers till exists then the 276 creditors would like their money back -all of it –thanks very much.

However, those on the Sports Desks are all street legal to take a spin down to Edmiston Drive at the wheel of the Holding Company Vehicle.

When the powerful act in an improper way it is the function of journalism to hold them to account.

Sadly, when the Fourth Estate colludes with them to a cynically predetermined narrative, then the Public Interest is not served.

I rather suspect that if Hearts had been liquidated, then there would have been no Jesuitical gymnastics from the stenographers about the nature of the new club.

We would undoubtedly have been informed that the new lot in maroon, who were hiring Spartan’s ground and playing Brechin, were not the club that Dave MacKay played for.

In this Sevco have benefited from preferential treatment because the…ahem…special nature of the Ibrox clientele.

When The People occasion across the fans of the other clubs next season in the top flight they will, undoubtedly, be reminded of these legal realities.

The Ibrox chaps are following a new club that is pretending to be the old one.

However, the old songs remain the same, though.

Once more Ibrox is klan central and an incubator for anti-Irish racism as The People fondly remember their favourite fascist Billy Fullerton.

When this cannot be denied, deflected away or minimised it is mitigated.

The dwindling readership of the Daily Radar is reassured that what is heard at Ibrox is really no biggie and that you can hear worse at the five a sides!

It is worth remembering that this is the same self-selecting subculture that nurtured and socialised criminals like Jason Campbell and David Limond.

Failure to call out these atavistic hatreds is to unwittingly write permission slips for more hate crimes.

From now until April the 16th the Fitba Fourth Estate will have ample opportunity to tell the truth about how Rangers (1872) died.

Sadly they won’t take it as it makes for an easier life in Glasgow to go with the flow and repeat the big lie.

That is one of the reasons that the titles that employ them are circling the circulation drain.

After the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, it became heretical to ask for evidence to back up the claims made by the Gospels.

To be a journalist is to instinctively be with the heretics.

Journalism should be about evidence-based reporting and not about assuaging the hurt feelings of a self-pitying lynch mob.


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