The fatal pretence

Just before the Ramsdens Cup final Raith Rovers were informed that there was to be an exchange of gifts at a lunch hosted by the sponsors.

The fine folks at Stark’s Park sent one of their highly paid functionaries down to the gift centre in Kirkcaldy.

A lovely wee Quaich was purchased, all engraved and mounted on a wee bit of wood and change out of forty quid.

At the lunch itself the gift from Rovers, all wrapped up was placed on the gift from The Rangers.

It was a wee box being placed on a MASSIVE box.

For everyone in the room it was highly noticeable.

Mr Neil Doncaster stood up and gave a nice speech and then the exchange of pressie took place.

Turnbull Hutton told David Somers what the gift was before he opened it.

He said that the Quaich would only take a miniature to fill it ,unlike the famous Loving Cup in Ibrox which  can easily hold the contents of a full bottle of whisky.

The joke was made that the Rovers gift could be used without undue expense being incurred.

The man who saved the integrity of Scottish football in the summer of 2012-and that isn’t overstating it dear reader-had no idea what was in the massive box on front of him.

When it was unwrapped it was indeed a box, sturdily constructed with huge bass clasps in either side of the lid.

It had taken two chaps to carry it over to the top table.

Inside were a lead crystal whisky decanter and six goblets.

Four were engraved with the Rovers logo and two with The Rangers crest.

I am reliably informed that the gift is too big to fit inside the display cabinet at Stark’s Park.

It now sits on top of the best stocked drinks cabinet in the Kingdom of Fife, but the edges are over the side of it.

This lavish gift was purchased at a time when the finances of the Ibrox outfit were “fragile”.

I have no idea how much this gift cost and I am sure that the supplier was paid in full.

The pretence of being Rangers put Sevco on, as a senior Ibrox source said to the BBC this week, on a “life support machine”.

The 120 Day review published today shows just how close to death this new club is.

From 29 May 2012 – 31 December 2013 they got through £67.2 Million.

So in 17 months they got through £3.95 M per month while taking in £1.5 M per month.

Of all of the bad news in this report there is this that screams out:

“A current example of the difficulty being faced by the Club, and which will regrettably impact upon supporters, is that for next season supporters will now be unable to pay for their season tickets by credit or debit card.  The Club’s merchant acquirer, which processes credit and debit card transactions, has advised that it would require extensive security, including standard security to be granted over Ibrox Stadium and an insurance policy at considerable cost to the Club, to protect itself against any potential liability arising from passing on monies from season ticket purchases ahead of next season’s matches.”

Success on the sports field often comes down to confidence.

However confidence is a vital commodity in the world of business and this paragraph tells us that there is very little of that when it comes to RIFC.

Sevco had a chance in 2012-gifted to them by a very accommodating SFA to play professional football in Scotland.

This report proves that they True Blue it and Royally so.

By pretending they were the old Rangers Sevco signed their own death warrant.

My own role has been too report on this story honestly and accurately.

No PR tells me what to publish and they don’t even bother to offer me any inducements to alter my copy.

The reportage here is guaranteed lamb free.

At the start of February the club put this statement on their website referring to me, but not in name.

At the time the statement did the trick and the klan were soothed that all was well and that I was lying.

Actually I wasn’t and the report today rather proves that point I think.

That day in February I was en route from Donegal to Wexford to the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis and I discussed the news management coming out of Ibrox with some experienced hands in the spin game.

They told me to keep at it as I was obviously having an impact.

That dear reader is what journalists are meant to do.

Unfortunately on Planet Fitba there is very little of that.

Perhaps Mr Wallace would now like to put out a new statement pointing out what was inaccurate or min-informed about my reporting.

This isn’t personal it’s just business.

If I was giving Graham advice now I would tell him to leave the stadium and take the cannolis.

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