The folly of angering Big Mike

Oh dear this loan business is getting a bit messy.

The truth is that Big Mike and Team Ashley were quite prepared to let things within Sevco stumble along from one clumsy crisis to another.

It was in his interests to allow the New Regime at Ibrox to self-destruct.

However, his blood pressure went sky high when the fingerprints of individuals around Govan way were there for all to see including the press coverage from award winning stenographers following the “very civilised” visit by three police officers to his Shirebrook HQ.

The breathless reportage of “a raid” was not appreciated by those in leadership positions at Sports Direct.

But be in no doubt dear reader, the throwing down of the gauntlet by Mr Ashley is aimed at one man, David Cunningham King.

It’s put up, or shut up time for Dave King and the silence over the last few months would suggest ‘shutting up’ is something Dave King is adept at.

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