The Grand Old Duke of Ibrox?

The great generals in history have always been able to make timely strategic alliances and outflank their enemies.

That is why the discernible battle plan of David Cunningham King makes no sense to your humble War Correspondent crouching down in the Fitba trenches.

As of two hours ago I understand that Mr Dave King had not been in touch with all of the principals at Rangers International Football Club.

He has been in discussions with Laxey Partners and the Institutional investors.

So that’s a start.

However they have some issues with what Mr King is proposing.

They are still awaiting confirmation of the identity of the ’consortium’ that will provide the outstanding £6.5 million.

Moreover they would really like to see a business plan that plots a course out of the current malaise that is besetting RIFC

I understand from well placed sources that Mr King has yet to present such a road map.

Therefore these Square Mile chaps do not know what they will be left with if they agree to dilute their shareholding.

Agreeing to see your 10% become 5% is not such a bad deal with the share price rises exponentially after the Rights Issue.

For them to make that call they would need, I am told, to see a business plan.

One thing that particularly puzzles me is why Mr King has not met with the Easdale Brothers.

If he did then only genuine Rangers men would be in the room at that meeting.

Unlike Mr King the Easdale brothers have sunk cash into RIFC and indeed they are unlikely to see it back.

Just like Mr King they get the club at an emotional level and they’re all fans who have succeeded in business.

Mr King and the Easdale brothers, all Rangers men, would seem like natural allies in this crusade to save their club.

Therefore his failure heretofore to engage with them in a bilateral meeting utterly baffles me.

Of course there could be highly secret negotiations that I am not aware of and all soon will be revealed with a dramatic flourish in the final episode of the series.

The scriptwriters in this saga have certainly shown the ability to blindside all of us.

Furthermore I am told that Mr King has not been in discussions with Mr Ashley.

That was certainly the case as of around two hours ago when I last spoke with well-placed sources.

The puzzling thing is that these are people that the South African based entrepreneur needs to have on his side if his bid is to succeed.

Of course all of this might be the sleight of hand of a brilliant commander or just part of a phoney war.

As far as Sun Tzu was concerned all warfare is based on deception.

Which probably means that it is very handy if the general in question has been known in the past to play fast and loose with the truth.

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