The guts of another million?

The use of pyrotechnics in Scottish football is an ongoing problem.

Someone could get hurt, and that isn’t funny.

However, many in Planet Fitba had a deserved chuckle this morning at the distress signal sent up by the Daily Radar.

The flare was clearly aimed at Mr David Cunningham King, and the message was clear:

‘Please spend some money on players because we took you at your word!’

The public data that we have about the financial muscle of the New Regime can be discerned by their behaviour in the transfer market.

So far it has been risible.

An excellently placed source informed me yesterday that Mr Warburton recently received a courtesy call from a chap at Brentford FC.

It was regarding the bid that Sevco had submitted for midfielder Toumani Diagouraga.

It was made clear to me that although the player had been identified by Mr Warburton, the details of the transfer deal had been left to others.

This, of course, is perfectly in order.

However, the Sevco manager was informed by the Brentford chap that there was putting in a bid and then there was “…taking the piss…”

It was pointed out that the player would be retired before all of the instalments were paid!

I understand that the down payment of the deal was in the region of £70,000.

Of course, if my information is inaccurate then the club can issue a statement, and the fine folk at Brentford FC can corroborate that communique if they agree.

Sources close to Accrington Stanley have briefed that they would have done a deal in this transfer window for Matt Crooks and Josh Windass.

I understand that the global figure would have been in the region of £40,000-£65,000.

This should not have been a problem for a club that is “comfortably funded”.

For the avoidance of doubt, General Ashley has not left the field of battle.

After coming back a week early from vacation, the merchandising magnate told his people to push the Holding Company Vehicle for the £5m loan.

This prompted the New Regime to hastily arrange a new facility.

However, it is almost certainly not on the generous terms that they had enjoyed from Ashley.

The £750k in interest payments on the £5m will bring in £200k in extra revenues from Rangers Retail Limited.

So Rangers International Football Club is £550k pa down on the deal.

When this was explained to me, I was reminded of what the then RIFC Chairman Walter Smith said about there being no place around the boardroom table at Ibrox for financial common sense.

General Ashley continues to have contractual business with RIFC.

Moreover, Big Mike considers that he is still owed monies for the closure of the shops and unsold stock.

One of these shops was in Belfast and this was when Charles of Normandy was a rock star among The People in Norn Iron.

Charles Green Belfast

Ashley was against the opening of the shops in Glasgow Airport and the Belfast.

Big Mike was in favour of using Sports Direct outlets instead.

However, Charlie pushed on regardless.

The man with the big hands wanted to sooth The People that Rangers were back with a bang!

Consequently, Ashley insisted that in the event of the shops closing then the Holding Company Vehicle would have to cover those costs.

I am told that approximately £620,000 remains unpaid from that failed venture, and there’s also the unpaid stock that RIFC have to buy back.

Indeed, if that is true then it doesn’t look like there will be much change left out of the guts of a million.


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