The high cost of keeping Sevco relevant

These have been a difficult few days for the Sevco brand.

Quite clearly the lead story on Planet Fitba since Tuesday night has been Celtic making it to the Group Stages of the Champions League.

Edging a two-leg affair against Hapoel Beer Sheva by the odd goal in nine has opened the door to the riches at Europe’s top table.

My UEFA contact has told me that due to the global profile of Celtic’s opponents from England, Germany, and Spain then the Parkhead club can expect to bank a sum in the region of £30m.

This clearly puts the Scottish champions on a financial footing that is beyond any other club in Scotland.

However, the stenographers have dug deep since the final whistle in Israel.

They’ve dutifully obliged and have dredged up all manner of auld shite that might be pleasing to their Dignified Demographic.

We should be too critical of the chaps on the sports desks, after all, they’re only following orders.

However, this coverage doesn’t come cheap, and the costs are ongoing.

I’m told that only two days ago an invoice arrived at the Big House.

Let’s just say that the quantum demanded has had anxiety Levels totally Off The Radar in Argyle House in the last 48 hours.

However, I’m sure Mr David Cunningham King will swoop down to save the day.

Whatever it takes…

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