The Ibrox code

Last week Rangers (1872-2012) lost a court case involving millions of pounds.

This week Sevco could lose a court case involving millions of pounds.

Charles of Normandy will be legally represented to see who will pay those who will, well, legally represent him.

Should Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) lose this then it will be another hammer blow to the financially fragile outfit created by, well, Charles Green.

Of course, The People think that all is well.

That is what they have been told by their betters, and as we have seen over the last five years, they are nothing if not a credulous subculture.

If they are allowed to wade up to their knees in the blood of their preferred Irish Untermenschen and have a seasonal supply of Poppy porn, then they’re happy.

This statement today from the new club reeks of the old Ibrox arrogance.

It is something that clearly TUPED over with the stadium, the training ground and, of course, Broxy Bear.

We all, apparently, have to move along as there is nothing here to see.

Except that there is.

And it is that for ten years the professional game in Scotland was rigged in a way that would make an Italian footie godfather blush.

There was some natural justice that Rangers died due to unpaid taxes, because it was their decade-long fiscal delinquency that led them into the hands of Craig Whyte.

The Contingent Liability of the Big Tax Case made the original Rangers unsellable to anyone but an insolvency impresario like the Suave Billionaire.

Since the Ibrox club died what has been unleashed on Planet Fitba since 2012 can only be described in that wonderful word that the Italians gave us.


All roads in this Ibrox saga leads to Hampden.

For both the final years of Rangers and the birth of Sevco have a common theme, and that is the lack of proper oversight by the governing bodies.

The man who was in the room in 1999 when the tax evasion strategy was embarked upon by Rangers was also the president of the SFA when Charles of Normandy sought approval for his unnatural creation.

When Mr Ogilvie left Rangers in 2005, the EBT scam had its highest recorded numbers.

When the Ibrox club were owing to HMRC in the summer of 2011 for the Discounted Options Scheme, the Scottish Football Association should have informed UEFA.

Consequently, Rangers should NOT have had a licence to play in UEFA competitions that season.

Of course denial of that guaranteed European revenue would have tipped the Whyte regime over into insolvency rather quickly.

This is despite the fact that the Daily Radar had established that the Motherwell chap was a billionaire.

Yeah, I’m sure I read that.

Last week on the day of the Big Tax Case ruling RIFC published their accounts.

The numbers revealed to the world that they are a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

I have been told by an accountancy friend that there are a few interesting time bombs contained therein.

He has promised to boil it down to understandable terms for me.

When I have that, I will pass it onto you, dear reader.

Tomorrow evening is his deadline, and he’s a good guy.

I was in the media tent at the Web Summit in Dublin when I was emailed from a colleague to tell me that Hector had won the appeal against Rangers.

I didn’t have much time to digest that information as I was on NUJ duty.

Those events were still swirling around Twitter the next day when I had to head off into one of the main venues to hear writer Dan Brown explain how he weaves page turning thrillers to order.

I found him likeable and engaging, and consequently I crossed the conference site to hear him again, this time musing on the conflict between religion and science.

As I trudged back to the media tent, I re-read my initial response on Hector’s victory over EBT FC.

The thought struck me that the collapse of Ibrox cultural edifice was a masterpiece worthy of Leonardo himself.

However, if you read the Daily Radar you will have to be able to decode it, or you will drown in the bullshit.

The people who brought you Craig Whyte, the billionaire, are now telling you that a decade of tax evasion that paid for top class players had no real bearing on the titles won by those footballers.

Actually the one about the billionaire with no money was more believable.

However, the Illiterati Loyal continues to worship at the Temple of Debt and that remains a mystery to the scientific world.

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