The Ibrox shambles moves up to Sevcon 2

After the events of the past few days, I think it is fair to say that the entire Sitcom has jumped the shark.

If we follow the money at Ibrox, then you won’t need a sign writer for directions.

This is just as well because that particular artisan is now in the same situation as the face painter hired by the previous club that played at Ibrox.

The four-year-old institution is now struggling to pay bills that shouldn’t really be a problem at all given the turnover of the operation.

In the immediate aftermath of the Off Licence Putsch in March 2015 Derek Llambias offered a counsel of caution to the smarting General Ashley.

The thinking was that a long game and a war of attrition would see the Real Rangers Men put in their box.

Quite simply they would run out of cash and places to find credit.

Faced with a liquidity crisis down the line they would simply die of financial thirst.

Firstly, it was necessary to, as it were, poison the watering holes on the journey.

Consequently, everyone in the corporate lending business was informed about the New Regime.

The only thing that was deployed was the truth especially the criminal past of the new chairman.

Unlike the Sevco tabloids the chaps in the Square Mile were not impressed by Mr David Cunningham King’s “favourable settlement.”

This meant that when the Sevco High Command had to seek external finance they had to go to the outer edges of the credit universe to get terms.

When the Holding Company Vehicle was listed then, all such moves had to be published in some detail.

Here are the terms of the last loan from Ashley to RIFC here.

However, in the interests of transparency, it is left to the likes of your humble correspondent to excavate the moves that the Sevco High Command have been forced to make.

In recent weeks I have even entertained the thought that there might not be an agreed clearance system at Statement O’clock Publications.

That’s because I find it entirely ridiculous to think that the Holding Company Vehicle could issue a missive like this to the world without first getting the perusal and approval of the managing director.

Meanwhile, Mr Joey is enjoying his sojourn in Fair Caledonia and on full pay.

Moreover, if they want him to be gone from the hallowed halls of Murray Park, then it will cost the Engine Room Subsidiary just north of £2m.

I ‘m yet to see any of the award winning stenographers go near the possibility that Hector might be currently irked with the chaps in the Blue Room.

I have already published some questions to assist these intrepid churnalists.

Perhaps they’re finding this investigative stuff a bit difficult, the poor dears.

Now once more, and for the avoidance of doubt, the stenographer chaps really should be looking at the last two-Quarters.

To help them further they should be asking questions about VAT.

Remember dear reader anything that is owed to Hector accrues compound interest.

Oh and the Holding Company Vehicle effectively has no substantial retail income for the next six years.

Of course, if everything is in order, then I’m sure that Statement O’clock will put The People soundly to sleep.

However, to the untrained eye, all of this looks like a shambles.

One major invoice and I fear that it could all get rather nuclear.

Only a bombproof billionaire can save the day.

Meanwhile, the staunch stenographers have made a shelter underneath their kitchen tables and are dreaming of Spitfires.

2 thoughts on “The Ibrox shambles moves up to Sevcon 2

  1. Ronnie

    Conjecture,,fantasy and a tad delusional to satisfy your paranoia about all things rangers
    Will you return to the uk to claim benefits ? when your paranoid following stop donating and the cycle swings back around to rangers?
    Your writings are absolute tosh and written with so much conjecture and what ifs! Its laughable! Hence the reason you are not taken serious by the media world and only by your paranoid mhob that hail from the public purse funded east end regenerated area (including parkhead)
    When will you focus on the 30+ mils plus of co-op debt? Or the rolling 12 mils overdraft??
    Oh and why do the co-op insist on every asset as a guarantee for the debt?,did desmond refuse to guarantee the debt??…oh maybe you have not asked him why celtic have hawked off the silver!!
    Now many names fake irishman these are serious facts that involve pacific shelf of which i believe you should be informing your paranoid following of ,rangers fans know there issues we are not in denial !! But celtic fans have a history of denial!!


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