The Ibrox Three put questions to the Sevco High Command

I think that Sevco might look back and consider the Friday night ‘resignations’ of the Ibrox Three to be a spectacular own goal.

I spoke briefly with an impeccable Ibrox source today and he didn’t paint a pretty picture.

He confirmed to be that the Admirable Warburton and his two colleagues are “taking it legal”.

Moreover, he stated to me that there would be no “drip, drip of payments, but the full whack up front”.

In short, the Ibrox Three want their full contractual entitlements paid them immediately, thank you and good night!

The Holding Company Vehicle have been informed by representatives of the sacked trio that the club’s version of events is a collage of untruths.

Moreover, it is the view of the Ibrox Three that  Sevco had no legal basis for doing what they did last Friday night.

Here Mr Stewart Robertson states the essential truth on Sevco media.

“…well Mark obviously left the club on Friday evening…”

Spot on Mr Robertson!

My information was that this interview was sanctioned by several members of the Sevco High Command.

However, they would be the chaps that have been trying to steer a sane course through the choppy financial waters.

They are also the directors who actualy are keeping the lights on at the moment.

I am informed that representatives of the trio have submitted a detailed list of very precise questions to the Holding Company Vehicle.

My understanding that these questions can only be answered in a precise, unambiguous way or not at all.

For the avoidance of doubt, the view of Warburton et al is that there were no resignations.

There were no letters of resignation and no verbal resignations.

It is now very much ‘over to you Mr King’.

In the meantime, The People on Follow Follow are showing Churchillian dignity to their ex-manager.

Oh dear…

60 thoughts on “The Ibrox Three put questions to the Sevco High Command

  1. Lewis Hawthorn

    I suspect they’ll be hoping for MW and co. to accept another position sooner rather than later to avoid the payout – with their reputations being lowly, they’ll be hoping to get another gig to get their stock up. At least, thats what they’ll hope for.
    They hoped Mr mcCoist would do this but no instead he sat on his hands and hoovered up the cash owed to him by the stadium John Brown played for.

  2. Zimmerman

    A fishy story…….. Heard BBC’s Richard Wilson describe Sevco’s “perceived” lack of funds as a “red herring.” He says that directors have made a commitment to auditors to make good any shortfall over the financial year. He says this commitment will also cover Derek McInnes @ the thick end of £1m compensation. If the BBC are the gold standard of reporting where are we? One would conclude that the BBC have trumped Trump in alternative truths.

    1. allyjambo

      Zimmerman, Wilson has just disproved his own assertion that Sevco’s perceived lack of funds is a red herring, by stating that loans will cover any shortfall! Doesn’t he realise that needing loans for working capital equates to ‘lack of funds’.

      Also, is he correct in stating that the directors made a commitment to make good ‘any’ shortfall? I thought the statement in the accounts gave the the amount of that commitment as a total of just in excess of £3m, that was the projected shortfall at the time the accounts were published, which is quite different from commiting to the blank cheque Wilson is suggesting.

    1. Salted Popcorn

      If they put their hands in their pockets again, I am sure they can crowdfund a Rangers**. I am sure someone will develop Rangersitis and help them on their way…

      1. Frank

        Yes, but this time they won’t have Ibrox or Murray Park to play/train at. Those assets were gratuitously alienated last time around. I don’t think we’ll see that trick played twice.

  3. waldo

    Noticed that the Sevco Chairman stated that they were always looking out for the next manager – that’s what a big club does. Hell mend the incumbent if he likewise looks to his future!
    Also, better to cut him and his team loose now than trigger payments for coming second and the fulfillment of their key performance indicators.

    1. Kmack

      Not sure a business in the public eye would do this normally, but could it be that the rangers board see this as an opportunity to take the club into admin? They have their scapegoats, it’s very public n there is an angle of ‘if it wasn’t for this situation we could’ve implemented our new director of football / coach set up’, another bizarre suggestion, paying 2 guys to do one job with no scouting network to support it. It’s just starting to feel to me that king n Co look to go to court wherever possible to push a ‘victim’ myth n find more baddies to blame otherwise why would a business be in court so often while taking loans to meet payroll?

      1. Frank

        You could be right. It will be interesting to see how the SFA play it out. What will the points deduction be?

        The only flaw in your theory though is that this time, the creditors are not banks and face painters. It’s the real Rangers men who have been providing the soft loans. I can’t imagine that they’d vote for a CVA to get them a few percent of several millions back.

  4. Jumbo

    Why not turn up for work on Saturday? Come on guys the poor man would have been in ger d , he was the sneaky traitor, only using the most tarnished name in world football to build his reputation ? He got himself embroiled into something that he started to enjoy , yes that was his true weakness, something wicked this way comes

  5. steff

    The Board have ran out of money, once again a prediction brought to us by Phil on this very blog.
    So what was the boards options here..

    Let’s have a wee look at some cost cutting/revenue generating exercises they could have made.
    1, pump in more soft loans..?

    2. Release some of the playing squad?.. That’s the only asset that they have which could bring in a decent return…No laughing at the back, There is some value in that playing squad (The $6 million doller man and Billy ‘Iniesta’ Gilmour)…Just as long as they remain solvent long enough for someone to come in with a offer they cant refuse for one of the starlets? ….Again, No laughing at the back..

    3. Sell the Bike?…Hey, if they stick it on ebay it’ll probably be a World Record set for a old Eddy Merckx racer…And dont you forget it Declan.
    4, Just run one bar on the Gas fire they have burning at the bottom of the marble staircass to blue heaven,?…Seriously..have a look, They are heating the place with Calor gas fires. I can only guess here, but either they havn’t payed the Gas bill or the boilers on the blink….Probably both.
    5. Dip into the Bank overd….????????????????
    6. Buy a Euromillions.?..Na, That’s cost them 2 and a half times what Craigy bhoy payed for the whole shebang. Just throwing money away now.
    7. Bump the three highest earners outwith the boardroom because they have made a pigs arse of the ‘going for 55’,mantra, Then settle out of court using the Fans season book money later in the year…Let’s face it. The 3 were going at the end of the season anyway and the league has been done for them since the 5-1 pumping.

    I’ll go with 7. They will settle out of court for less than would have payed out for bumping them in the summer

    1. Salted Popcorn

      There is no reason for Warburton & co to settle out of court for less than their full entitlement. They watched Joey Barton hang out for the full amount, after all…

  6. fisiani

    Warburton has hired a top employment lawyer who has submitted by courier a missive to Stewart Robertson demanding payment of $2,200,000 due to his client. This lawyer is no mug. This is not an empty threat. Watch for a court case with 48thrs.Given the company is penniless It may be impossible for the company to make the payment. That would trigger insolvency.

  7. Gobsmacked

    Is it possible that Sevco were hoping that the 3 lads tied themselves into a deal thus allowing Sevco to seek the £1M compensation for their transfer? Surely honest Dave and the puppets wouldn’t be so underhand.

  8. AMCD

    Phil, a lot of talk about immediate ring fencing, am I right in thinking that you can’t ring fence or sequester money that hasn’t been declared as owing yet? Surely a court or a tribunal would have to find in the 3’s favour and declare an amount owing before it can then be ring fenced. Until that stage it’s just “one person’s” word against “another” that there is any money owing.

  9. mcilhaney

    The Dave King REAL Ranjurs roadshow appears to be in full bloom this weather!

    Court cases mounting, Debt piling up and plenty of lies and spin to keep the bears where he wants them – the cash register!

    and then there’s the wee staff resignations misunderstanding –

    Mark Warburton – Shat on
    Frank McParland – Shat on
    I kinda get that though when seen through blue tinted specks, I really do.. they’re no real Ranjurs men but Davie Weir?

    David Weir captained Rangers with 162 Apps scoring 4 goals for the club between 2007–2012 he is Scotland’s seventh most capped player with 69 caps.. a real Ranjurs man by all accounts but again – Shat on by the club.

    Nae LOYALTY there for wan of their ain eh?

    Aye, Dave “I’m a REAL Ranjurs man” King.. cough cough

    1. bhoywonder

      Emphasis might be on the ‘REAL’ – I’m not convinced he views newco any differently to how the rest of Scotland view them: a new club, YNRA. I think he has his own agenda to safeguard the interests of one D C King esq and bugger both newco and its fans.

    2. Rob O'Keeffe

      Correct,mcilhaney.Can’t stand “The Govan Strangler” but why are their fans so quiet when one of their own is treated so shabbily by the crooked man?

    3. Crosshaven

      The bears and the board will turn on one of their own if the are perceived to have damaged the Ranjurs in any way or are not proven to be loyal enough.
      Remember these RRM

      John Greig
      Super Ally
      Craig White
      And the rest

      The reluctance to renew Kenny Millar’s contract has me baffled because if it was not for his vital goals then the Ranjurs might not be in the top 6.

  10. Super Novae Shambles

    On covering the news that the Kilmarnock manager has resigned, the Daily Record reports:

    “He is the second manager to have left a Scottish Premiership side this season after Mark Warburton was exited Rangers on Friday.”

    So the Daily Record agrees Warburton did not resign but “was EXITED Rangers(sic) on Friday”

    Penny on the £ CVA?

    Radio Clyde pushing the idea “technically Warburton is still the manager of Rangers”……. oh Dear! No money to settle, please just come back and carry on. It looks like Martin Waghorn has been premature on his public criticism of Warburton.

    What a super novae shambles.

    1. Crosshaven

      Waghorn was dropped by Warburton because he was playing badly, so this is just Waggie putting the boot in to make him feel better. Let’s face it the Meeja would not ask a player that was going to say anything good about the Warbs.
      All carefully orchestrated by Ibrox PR as justification for getting rid of the trio and to please the gullibillies.

  11. michaelcraven1

    Hi Phil,
    Keeping us right up to date on the Circus Tenebrae,thank you.

    I’m guessing that you may not be a fan of the person I commented on in your previous article today?

    Still;no one can please all the people,ALL of the time.

    Excellent work,I hope you’re fit to march in March,you shall be in overdrive just to keep apace.

    Serfcos team of solicitors do not stand a chance,His BigMikeNess’s plans and strategies will have been drawn up some time ago,I would imagine.And now we also have this to look forward to.Excellent.

    Let the music play….☮

  12. joe mccormack

    Boy, King just loves a court case.

    Who in their right mind would pick up this poisoned chalice…….unless perhaps you were unemployed, a RRM, with a hefty HMRC demand needing paying.

    McLeish, Rae, Dodds, McCann, De Boer, Ferguson, all currently outside the game or employed at a low level.
    Perhaps one of them will take the job on a Pro bono basis…..if it’s good enough for Paul Murray, then. ………
    The ordinary fans have been duped by the media who lace their Rangers news with methadone to make it more palatable to the deluded.
    95% of them have no knowledge as to the implications which could arise from the pending SDI court case.
    Ditto BDO calling out Duff and Phelps handling of the admin process, putting a question mark over the ownership of the assets.
    Ignorance is bliss apparently.
    The Ibrox 3 are scum, rats, snakes and a lot worse.
    Murty is a dirty Taig, a tattie muncher, get him to feck.
    Their enemies have tried to kill off their club but have failed…..I presume SDM, Whyte, Green, King and his failed board are included in their enemies, particularly the knighted one who couldn’t wait to get rid of for £1………….if Whyte passed the sniff test then the bar must have been set very high by SDM as he was often quoted saying that he would only sell the club on to someone who could take it forward to a higher level.

    Level 5 anyone?

  13. Fash

    Phil, who on the Sevco High Command, as you put it, are doing a job? I ask because it is way past time that the tens of thousands of people being scammed by this mob found out who is acting in their interests and who is not.

    I’m a Rangers “fan” who likes your work. I appreciate that you and most other Celtic fans are loving every second of this Jeremy Kyle episode at Ibrox and I don’t grudge it. Tribes is tribes and it’s only football.

    I’ve tried to convince Rangers supporters online and in person that they are being fleeced by a succession of dodgy chancers and that King is probably just the latest shark trying to get a piece. You seem to have relevant information here and I guess what I’m asking is, what can you tell us that can change people’s minds and hopefully prevent more people being ripped off?

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Absolutely nothing. That’s the lesson of Downfall.
      That which is cultural is not amenable to reason.
      The aversion to me is cultural.
      Therefore, I am automatically disbelieved by that Ibrox sub-culture.

      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        Phil, that reply, without putting too fine a point on it, is nothing less than majestic.

        I’ve always liked this page for its anthropological reasoning and understanding and this is all of that encapsulated in one brief, and beautifully phrased, statement.

        How blind our conditioning makes us, when we refuse to entertain the notion of independent thought and instead opt to follow the flock over the cliff and on down the swanny..
        Nae luck, Billy!

        1. michaelcraven1

          Aye,Again……and Again,IF PERMITTED.

          And WHO,will tell them,NAW,YIR NO DAIN THAT AGAIN??

          I think the reason for them being allowed to tumbleweed through the Scottish leagues,is FAR more reaching than we can imagine.2 major Scottish banks,amongst others,conspired to put an END to Celtic FC,in a year where we actually made more profit than rfc did.The dr actually hired a hearse,drove up to the now, ‘The Celtic Way’ to pose for the notorious ‘RIP CFC’ front page exclusives…….That didn’t work out too well for the scoattish meedjah,DID IT??!

          In reality the smsm have NO REAL POWER,they are merely tattle-tales with the NUJ cards.Their role is but to soothe the deluded ones.While trashing CFC.

          Only in ‘Fair’ Caledonia,so very,very sad.

        1. michaelcraven1

          Firstly Mr Bajin,

          Are you Christopher Brookmyre,or did you pinch that moniker from one of his excellent novels.?

          Secondly,Yes you are correct it most certainly IS cultural,that’s exactly WHY the Scottish populace should have a say in their own affairs.Namely,the withholding of £160+ millions in unpaid taxes.Those same taxes could have saved lives,and at worst,may have actually cost lives.Therefore,the Scottish population should have a say in what transpires in March,it should NOT be left to the Judiciary,whom we already know are corrupt and bias;the LNS inquiry was a joke from start to finish.

          Are we to leave judgement on this to people who would never have felt the effects of these unpaid taxes.These same judges and solicitors would have almost certainly have gone for private health care.So why leave a desicion to people that it wouldn’t have mattered to one way or the other.Seems like a fair point to me!

          Brookmyres ‘Boiling A Frog’ was cracking read,and hysterical in many parts.One Fine Day,In The Middle of The Night,was another.In fact most were very funny.

          So if it is you Christopher,your team plays THEE ONLY big team in Scotland in the Scottish Cup Q/Fs,so please make sure that you enjoy it.And good luck⚽

        1. michaelcraven1


          Noo,I don’t do social media,and would therefore presume that it is Mr.Broomyre that you speak of as ‘doesn’t go down well in debate’.Or is it The Prophet?PMCGB.?

          And,if it is,little insignificant me you are referring to,well;I could NOT care less.
          Although,again,IF it is me you speak of,shurely you musht have better thingsh to discussh,Mr/Ms Fash.

          I wonder why that is the case,that Mr.Brookmyres/PMCBGs name isn’t going down too well in debate?I shall Google that one tomorrow.Unless you could furnish me with more detail.

          Hail! Hail! Celtic FC-6

          1. Fash

            Michael, I was responding to Phil. If I adressed that towards you it was accidental, my apologies for the confusion.

            I guess his name doesn’t go down well because he is telling us (Rangers fans) something none of us want to hear. It was the same with the rangerstaxcase blog. When I said, look the sky is actually falling here boys, they said, don’t be so stupid.

            I’m not here to criticise anyone. Least of all Phil. I was just looking for something that I could point to that might change the minds of some friends and aquaintances who are still squandering their money (and loyalty) on this circus.

  14. Eric Knott

    Phil, while it’s clear there were no resignations here, either verbal or written, I still can’t understand why the Magic Hat didn’t rock up to work on Saturday morning and walk into the blue room and demand to know what the hell was going on?

    I mean it stands to reason that if you or I were informed at 9 o clock on a Friday evening that we had no job to go into the following morning, our first instinct would be to contact our employers and ask why? I mean did they lock him out of Castle Grey skull, surely he had a desk to clear out?

    I know I’d be banging on the door the next day demanding to know what was going on. Especially if I was so delusional as to believe that I was doing as good a job as the Admirable himself believed he was doing. After all, he was meeting most of the set criteria after #going for 55 kind of escaped them after the 5-1 capitulation. Second was always the target, they just had to spin a pile of bullshit for the Gullibears to buy season tickets. El Sombrero Magico knew exactly what he was doing all along, his wonderful press conferences were testament to that…..

    1. Cortes

      If you were approaching a door surrounded by the Peepel, discretion would quickly replace valour. Of course you might be mental and looking for suicide by mob.

    2. SevcoComedyClub

      You can’t really blame warburton. He put a team together to win promotion back to the top flight which he done. He probably thought that he would be getting a heavy wedge, like 30 million, to build a team to challenge Celtic. Instead Joey Barton was signed when he was AWOL for 3 weeks after the Scottish cup final.
      Just hope he airs his dirty laundry in public.

  15. Peter

    This was a really puzzling move by King & his cohorts and the only thing I can attribute it to is that he doesn’t think it will go to court or if it does, that he will win. Based on what info is in the public realm, it makes no sense whatsoever to me.

    Does anyone know if these funds owed to Warburton and the other 2 are considered ‘football debts’? Just curious whether an Admin event would affect them getting paid on their claim (if they won).

    1. Alfie Birches

      King thought he would win against SARS, but a SA court thought different.
      If the Warburton debts, if they prove to be that, are not football debts, then nothing is.

      1. Peter

        Alfie; I meant ‘football’ debts in the sense that if the club went Admin route would the 3 be guaranteed their money from SFA or are they simply creditors to get shafted. My understanding from 5 years ago is that the SFA made sure all RFC ‘football’ debts got paid by using money they were holding that was due club.

  16. Dunnahow

    Hi Phil
    Is that Stewart’s company vehicle in the background,or maybe their first ever trophy,maybe Mr (transparent)king just wanted to say “ON YER BIKE SON”

    1. PP

      I remember them playing Moscow Dynamo after the war, 1946?, and getting presented with bikes. They accused Moscow a Dynamo of cheating by playing with 12 men. Dynamo was probably just evening things up since they had the ref. on their side.

  17. steff

    No doubt a secret recording will be used at some point in this fiasco. My money is on a out of court settlment for a undisclosed fee, once the season ticket money is in the bank obviously.
    The circus will roll on into next season and the possibly the season thereafter with soft loans falling earlier and earlier until the final implosion around late 2019.

  18. peter

    Enjoy your time at the robotic future show and give my regards to Ian Cathro if you bump into him he really is a hipster type of guy seems to have a thing for apples but not with oranges.

  19. KingPin

    Once more king makes a spectacular fist – or does he – cant afford to pay 3amegoes to leave, cant afford wages – so claim they have left…. will takes months to get to court – in meantime save £1m in wages/bonuses

    as ever king is crashing the bus in way that makes him money on every deal …..

    Follow the money – lion share flowing to south Africa ?

      1. Alfie Birches

        Iirc these payments constitute football debts and as such, are exempt from penny in the pound CVA settlement, but in fact are paid up in full and head the queue.

        If DK wants out then this would be an excellent way to force an Admin and blame someone else, as would the SD court case in March.

  20. Succulent Humble Pie

    Do you have any idea how much Weir and McParland earn a year? My back of a fag packet economics suggest it will cost £1.5m to pay off Warburton (circa £12k per week with 2 years and four months to run) so are we looking at somewhere between £2 – 2.5m if the trio want the “full whack” up front? Interesting to see how that will be funded. I suppose if it comes from season ticket sales you could call it crowd funding!


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