The importance of fooling The People.

There is a clear disconnect these days between representation and reality in Planet Fitba.

Plus ça change…

Everywhere I look I see gushing hopeful fluff about a CVA buyout saving Rangers.

However all the observable evidence states that only an asset buy out via liquidation is on the cards.

I was baffled, so I went and asked a man who knows much about this stuff than I do.

This strategy often works for me I am surprised that the guys in the mainstream don’t try it.

He is highly knowledgeable in Scots law, especially when it comes to insolvency.

However he also has done his stint serving the criminal justice system.

He spoke.

I listened.

He re-focussed me.

“It’s about public order Phil. That’s my take. They have, potentially, several tens of thousands of very angry people on their hands. That has to be managed.”

I was grateful to him for his suil eile on this.

When I considered his analysis I knew it to be, at least in large part, correct.

I then remembered  the security advice given to the Duff & Phelps staff at the pre-operation briefing last Thursday at Ibrox.

I checked back with my original source and asked him if any of the Administrator folks had been in the Director’s box during the match against St Mirren.

He told me they were nowhere to be seen.

Of course I shouldn’t be surprised that the laptop loyal didn’t run with this story.

Because that would be to connect representation with reality on Planet Fitba and that just wouldn’t do.

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