The importance of having time on your side.

I may have made an interesting scientific discovery.

The space time continuum on Planet Fitba might be in a wee bit of a fankle!

As I have noticed that scenarios that are discussed on here are at first obediently dismissed by the churnalists then, after an appropriate passage of time, the same proposition is earnestly discussed by them as a real possibility.


So it is with the liquidation of Rangers.

Over the last couple of days the churnalists have been relaying the words of Paul Clark of Duff & Phelps.

The co-Administrator of Rangers has spelled it out as clearly as he can at this point about the possibility of Rangers being liquidated.

“The preferred option remains a CVA and it remains an option for all of the bidders and we still think it’s achievable and we’re still recommending that as the preferred course of action to the bidders. We must accept, though, that we have in Rangers a financially-stricken institution and there is an amount of toxicity in there as a result of what’s gone on.”

He continued:

“So all of the options have to remain open and it may be that some of the bidders decide that they would rather start afresh. We cannot rule out the winning bid could prefer a different structure that meant the sale of the business to a new company and, in that eventuality; it is certainly possible that Rangers would be liquidated.

I love this guy. You dream about someone who would produce such lines.

“Financially stricken… there is an amount of toxicity in there…”

In one sentence he cuts to the chase on the balance sheet and sums up the supporters!

Don’t expect the churnalists to make hay with these quotes. They’re under orders after all.

Then Super Ally was wheeled out to reassure the Bears that a New Co (i.e. liquidation) wouldn’t really be that bad.

Andrew Smith in Scotland on yesterday reported McCoist as saying:

“Even if we come back as a newco, Rangers will never die. I don’t go along with the idea that 140 years of history would be wiped out.”

This should have been an opportunity for Smith to get stuck in and hammer home the point that liquidation is EXACTLY the end of their history.

I’ve met Smith, he’s a nice fella and aint the worst in that Blatt, but letting McCoist away with that statement is turning your back on an open goal.

Anyone wanting to use the search function on here will find that the liquidation of Dignity FC has been well discussed on this site.

I would suggest that the prospective bidders are interested in the ASSETS of Club 1873, but not in the company.

The NewCo will have to cope with three years of the effects of the Kaunas result in 2008.

In fact they won’t even get the cash from that one home gate and the TV money from the tie.

So that’s no European money for THREE years.

Even if they are shoehorned back into the SPL in a shameful backdoor deal then the owners of the NewCo will have to run them on a vastly reduced budget.

I’ve done my bit as I have used this site to advertise for a stupid billionaire to step forward.

Only such a person can save 1873 FC and, at this late hour, the churnalists might want to finally come clean on this.

Of course they would have to seek permission first.

I’m still struggling to explain to myself why a guy in Donegal can have this all laid out  and uploaded, it’s dissed by the Glasgow hacks, but then it happens more or less like I said.

The same churnalists then earnestly discuss among themselves how they were on this from the start.

When I jump over to Glasgow and bump into them they don’t have an answer for me.

Then I pack my little bag and it is back to the future in Donegal.

It isn’t easy being a Tim Traveller.

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