The Irish Aer Corps and the Admirable Warburton

I was standing amid a happy throng in Westmoreland Street just as the Irish Aer Corps was battering overheard when my phone vibrated.

It was a text from a source in the Big House who can only contact me at certain times.

I texted back “can’t talk right now at a public event”.

It was the truth.

Later on we could chat as I paced up and down some decking in Dún Laoghaire.

My source was keen to impress upon me that there some determined fire fighting going on in the media about the transfer funds available next season for the Admirable Warburton.

This makes sense as this is a sensitive time for any club.

Bad news about the next campaign can dent the confidence of the fans.

Celtic could soon be Exhibit ‘A’ in this regard if they do not respond to the concerns apropos their silence on Resolution 12.

My source stated that the news of the fine imposed by the Lord Nimmo Smith was now a court ordered payment was a real blow.

Of course, the stenographers obediently reported that this recent development would not impact upon the ‘Warb chest’ (groans).

The reality is that the Admirable Warburton had a sum of around £350k allocated to him to bring in players.

This tidy sum could have been augmented by another £150k if other matters fell into place.

Now, my source informs me, this budget has been wiped out.

The previously allocated £350k would have been used for  signing on fees etc.

Now my understanding is what is on offer to new acquistions is an 11 month contract with no holiday pay and no signing on fee.

The same source also stated to me that there was now pressure on RIFC’s auditors Campbell Dallas from “…an outside agency…” apropos the upcoming year end accounts.

I asked for some clarification and I was told that it was due to the fact that the interim accounts had been unaudited.

I then asked  why this was a problem and I was informed that these interims, which Campbell Dallas had no hand act or part in, had to be somehow married up with the year-end accounts.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader this source is perfectly positioned to know the details of these matters.

If you cast your mind back to the purchasing behaviour of the mighty Glasgow Sevco in the January window then you can gauge the financial clout of the New Regime.

Unless something radically changes then  the picture painted to me yesterday was one of a hand to mouth existence  with the Admirable Warburton scouring the  bargain buckets where Accrington Stanley do their business.

That said if Mr David Cunningham King decides to commence his…ahem… “overinvesting” then  The People will walk happily up the Loyal Avenue.

As for that landscaping matter some European Union cash would be helpful.

Of course, if the Holding Company Vehicle or even the Engine Room Subsidiary has an issue with any of this reportage then they can issue a statement refuting this story.

However, they should do in precise detail, so as to leave no ambiguity or wriggle room.

Merely stating that the writer is in Ireland will not suffice.

If such a statement is forthcoming then your humble correspondent will be happy to publish it here.

Now, I’m off to Dublin in the Green, well actually on a 46a bus, but you get the idea.

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