The King across the water

In the movie world one of the most evocative images is of the hero arriving at the 11th hour to save the day.

The director of the Rangers movie forgot that basic rule because yesterday the saviour was late.

The Walter Smith consortium cannot save Rangers because the club that he managed twice is dead.

He and his business associates waited until the ventilator was turned off and the death certificate was signed before storming into the intensive care unit waving a magic cure.

As the chaos unfolded yesterday Walter and his wife were on a plane to Nice in the South of France.

It is a regular haunt of Mr & Mrs Smith where they have often holidayed at Sir David Murray’s vineyard in more tranquil times.

There is now the real possibility of uncivil war for control of the new club that plays at Ibrox.

One play open to the Smith consortium is that they go to law to invalidate the agreement between Duff & Phelps and Sevco.

That, of course, will take time.

During that hiatus the fans will, perhaps, be urged by the Legned himself not to renew Season Tickets.

This will engender a cash flow crisis for the new club.

Charlie and the boys have their own nuclear option.

They could put the new club into administration.

For a club with no history it would get them into the records books very early in their existence.

With the King across the Walter what will Bonnie Prince Ally do?

Meanwhile the man that was too late to save Rangers enjoys the Mediterranean sun.

He made the plane on time.

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