The long good Friday.

Just how long do Rangers have left in this world?

I put this question to you after a conversation I had this morning with as very well informed chap.

This excellent source, very close to the action, told me that he considered it a “strong possibility” that unless there is a genuine offer with “real cash” on the table this Wednesday then it could be over.

Obviously Duff & Phelps would take a day or two after the midweek deadline to consider their options.

The Administrators cannot borrow money (unlike in the USA) and so they will be keeping an eye on how many grubby crumpled tenners are left in the Loving Cup.

They will, of course, have to subtract their billable hours from any amount that is still in the company.

Then a calculation will be made about how much extra revenue they can generate for the rest of the season as against the costs of continuing.

Could Good Friday be the day of days?

Once more, I am merely posing the question after a conversation with an excellent source.

However if it does come to pass then I am sure that from this there will be no resurrection for Rangers.

They are truly damned.

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