The man from Auntie.

This has not been a good day for the succulent lambs of the mainstream media in Scotland.

Conference calls are a handy modern communication tool and it would appear that Duff & Phelps have been using them to get out the…err…news to the media.

I am told that there was one such call today.

After it was over the hacks got a Twittering.

Chris McLaughlin of the BBC announced the amazing news that Craig Whyte was giving his shares over to the “Blue Knights” consortium headed up by Paul Murray.

[email protected] 2:13 PM –

BBC understands Craig Whyte has agreed to transfer his shares to Blue Knights consortium. #Rangers”

This is the same Paul Murray that Whyte had sacked from the Rangers board.

So it was a hell of a story.

If true…

Some pesky Fenian seems to have alerted Alex Thomson of Chanel 4 news.

The award winning journalist, equipped with a state of the art communication device (mobile phone), called Craig Whyte.

The war correspondent tweeted this at 14:28:

“Craig Whyte tells me any notion he’s selling his shares to PM is ‘absolute nonsense.’ “

I am reliably informed (no, seriously) that Chris McLaughlin has Craig Whyte’s number.

All it would have taken from the guy at the Beeb would have been a call to the owner of Rangers to check this story out.

Are these the same journalists that have been sneering at bloggers during Rangersgate?

They have admonished citizen journalists like Paul Brennan of Celtic Quick News about the pressing need to check facts and to be aware of legal constraints.

Moreover, the implication is that  journalists in organisations like the BBC are held  to a higher standard than mere amateurs with websites.

Oh dear….

For the record I can confirm that, at time of writing, Craig Whyte is still the legal owner of Rangers Football Club.

I checked…

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