The NeverEnding story

If anyone needed reminding that the ‘Old Firm’ is dead, they got plenty of evidence yesterday.

Early in the day it was announced that Charles Green was returning as a ‘consultant’ to Sevco.

The man with big hands and a penchant for racist language in the workplace is back at the top of the marble staircase.

Silly me thought that business consultants are brought in because they are detached, neutral and with no historical baggage to the business, and certainly no pecuniary interest, like a shareholding.

Subsequently they can see clearly and they are above board room scuffles.

We know that Mr Green owns seven per cent of RIFC.

Then, just at the close of play the new club’s official site released a statement which was something akin to a declaration of war on the current incumbents of the Blue room.

It certainly wasn’t a slow news day at Sevco!

Today, Keith Jackson breathlessly tells us that a billionaire, Jim McColl, is “spearheading a shareholder revolt…”

Ooer missus!

All of this just wouldn’t be fit and proper without a Keith Jackson exclusive about a billionaire wanting to ascend the marble staircase

It just wouldn’t.

At this stage it reads like another episode in a bizarre sitcom and it is little wonder that the green half of Glasgow were convulsed with sniggering.

Any trumpeting of a chivalric rescue bid will have to be backed by hard cash, regardless of the colour of the knight.

Any new regime at Sevco will need to buy a controlling interest and then bank roll the operation for years while imposing harsh austerity measures and unearthing star players for little initial outlay.

The more that Sevco pretends to be Rangers the more infirm it will get.

They operate in the third tier of Scottish professional football yet they wish to strut as if they were in the top flight.

For the Nth time, Sevco is a loss-making business without a credit line.

This feels like early 2011 with Rangers (1872-2012).

Regular readers will have a sense of déjà vu as they see the mainstream media slowly play catch up with the omnishambles at Ibrox.

It is now largely accepted among the ranks of the hacks that Sevco have an impending cash shortfall later this season.

So I was not surprised that more boardroom chaos erupted on Planet Sevco.

The regime is dis-united and the business model unsustainable.

Earlier this week a good source in the Square Mile told me that another share issue for RIFC in early 2014 would not surprise him in the least.

Even Richard Wilson hinted that ‘informed sources’ believe that the new club will run out of money before the end of the season.

Well, my informed sources agree with Richard Wilson’s informed sources.

Did I mention that the mighty Sevco has no credit line from a bank?

Ok, just checking.

‘Credit’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘to believe’.

Literally, Sevco doesn’t have any credibility in matters financial with people who lend out money.

The customer base of Sevco who TUPEed over from Rangers (1872-2012) can only now reminisce  about what it is like to be in top flight football…

Despite the best efforts of sports administrators and the yarn spinning of PR-trained hacks, Sevco are a new club in the lower reaches of Scottish football.

Their revenues do not meet their costs and no bank believes in them enough to release a line of credit.

The fans who flock to the Big House must think they are in the middle of some bizarre unethical experiment into how much confusion and trauma can be inflicted upon a group of people.

In this case The People.

Although many on Planet Fitba – and not just the green half of Glasgow – are tickled by the spectacle, for me it has crossed the line into cruelty.

It is 50 years since the original Milgram experiments in obedience, but the Pavlovian responses of the klan have been tested to breaking point.

Yet, still many of them believe in the power of the old shibboleths.

Stability and success is rather boring by comparison and across the city today the Celtic folks will have to make do with unfurling another league flag.

It is fitting that John Keane will do the honours.

When Celtic was on the precipice he stumped up £1m of his own money and saved the club he loved.

You will look in vain for his equal across the city.

Compare and contrast, compare and contrast.

Celtic will open their domestic campaign, but will be thinking of Europe.

It is undeniable that Scottish football now exists within a new paradigm of unipolarity.

Celtic dominates the world of Scottish football in a way that is unhealthy.

Where there was a league of two domestically, now there is only a league of one.

That isn’t the fault of the Parkhead club; they endured and kept going while their rival self-destructed.

The Scottish champions have a self-sustaining business model that can afford a football budget of £30m.

For the record, that is greater than the entire cost of the Sevco operation.

Moreover, Celtic can access borrowing anytime and they have major shareholders who really are billionaires.

In reality though, what we are witnessing at Ibrox is a grisly dénouement to a mess that should not have been allowed to develop by those entrusted with the administration of the national game.

The rules and regulations of professional football were bent out of shape to allow Sevco to take to the field of play last summer against Brechin in the Ramsden’s Challenge Cup while Rangers were still a full member of the SFA.

The Five Way Agreement.

The media, which wilfully ignored the coming storm that would swamp Ibrox, have spun the yarn that Rangers didn’t die.



No biggie.

Some holding company thingy.

The media are handcuffed into a fictional narrative that has them talking about the possibility that ‘the company that owns Hearts may be liquidated’.

Sorry guys, if things, sadly, go the way I think they will then Heart of Midlothian Football CLUB will be liquidated.

As the Sevco omnishambles unfolds in front of our eyes we should not forget that those in charge of the national game approved of Sevco Scotland’s proposal to operate the Ibrox franchise.

Moreover, they wanted this new club pretending to be Rangers to be allowed into the top flight, despite SPL chief Mr Doncaster admitting that there was no mechanism to allow this to happen.

These fine fellows on the sixth floor at Hampden just could not envisage a world without a Rangers.

I can.

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