The New York Yankees and Sevco

One of the more bizarre moments in the Sevco story was provided when Charles of Normandy was in charge.

You may recall that he once boasted of an imminent link up with the Dallas Cowboys.

Here it is breathlessly reported in the Radar in September 2012.

Of course, The People believed all of it.

It does seem like such a long time ago in the Sevco tale…

Now I learned today, from an impeccable source, that an inter-galactic PR guru was recently briefing some selected stenographers with another ripping yarn.

This time it was the New York Yankees who would commercially connect with the Holding Company vehicle.

Oh dear…

However, what transpired next DID shock me, dear reader.

The handpicked cabal of usually compliant stenographers actually asked this PR chap for some EVIDENCE!

I know, I know.I was shocked too.

Perhaps, the message is getting through to these intrepid lamb addicts that the days passing on feel good Ibrox fantasies just because they’re told to are coming to an end.

Ok, I’m probably naive on that score.

In the meantime, it would appear that I  have to continue providing a Samizdat for Planet Fitba.


17 thoughts on “The New York Yankees and Sevco

  1. joe mccormack

    No Phil, it’s Trump whose going to save the day. It’s well known that his mother was a staunch supporter of the Ibrox club and some of that staunchness has passed down to the son.
    Here’s a thing though if you were King would you not be asking questions of the Hat and McParland with their contacts, skills and knowledge, as widely acclaimed in the media, yet missing out on Moussa Dembele who was playing his trade only a few miles away from Brentford?
    Can you imagine the difference that one signing would have made to the future wellbeing of the club?
    Perhaps one of the 12 players brought in during the summer transfer fiasco will prove himself to be at the same level as Moussa and save the club, and King’s warchest, by bringing in a huge transfer fee…….say £25m plus?

  2. Mr Smith

    The stenographers only have till 2022 to show people they are actual journalists and worthy of people paying/donating on-line to hear their version of the facts

    1. Mr Mah Jest Stick


      The MSM?!

      After all these years, those guys wouldn’t know what evidence was, not even if marched in the door playing bagpipes and nailed their scrotums to the table.

  3. Avid Reader (@6019Kilo)

    Unlike the armchair stenographers of the MSSM real journalists put their lives on the line to report the news. While our intrepid hacks are too scared of upsetting a few football fans and their club’s board. RIP Hernández Bautista; Mohammed Ghalib al-Majidi; David Gilkey and the others who lost their lives reporting.

  4. Swavvy

    Sky reported last week that the FA forced the SFA, to cover every last penny of Joey B’s contract in the event of any financial problems concerning his former club.

    If true, it means that even the English FA know that the continued shelf life of street urchin Sevco has been ranked up to DeathCon5 and may well be coming to quite an ignominious close not dissimilar to that of yon other Ibrox-based, likewise doomed, entity, leaving a trail of debt that will include not only the 300Gs for the Wifi guy (& gal), but also the 2 million quid bill for Le Petit Grand Monsieur’s iron clad pay off.

    Nae wonder they’re howling.

  5. Salted Popcorn

    The New York Yankees? I thought they were about to be taken over by Red Bull and the game against Leipzig was going to be the launching place for this intrepid partnership.

  6. SucculentLambStinks

    Maybe the SMSM have had enough of looking like a bunch of fudds under the fat controller. Then again maybe no. They are all lamb junkies of course. They don’t care what you call them. They’re getting the leftover kebab meat every morning courtesy of fat controllers garbage bins. Not enough kebab for all it seems ?

  7. kingsnake

    Sevco don’t even have the turnover of the Milwaukee Brewers, or even just the Brewers pitching staff, let alone that of the Yankees. What would they have to gain by allying with a financial microbe by comparison?

  8. There is No Old Firm

    Hee hee hee, perhaps the penny is just beginning to drop.
    Sadly, for our scumbag, revolting Sevco supporting press it’s far, far too late.
    Clearly they know everything they print re:Sevco is simply ridiculed, sneered at, laughed out of the park and instantly dismissed as utter and absolute garbage. What makes it even worse for them is the fact that the Zombies don’t even believe them anymore!
    So now they have nowhere to turn and in a desperate attempt to right their wrongs over the last 5yrs especially, they appear to be trying to soften up on the laughable horseshit. Too little, far too late. They chose to try to fool the masses in the most arrogant way and will pay the ultimate price with their extinction.
    I’m sure they’ve had many a look at sites such as this in order to gauge the level of contempt in which they are now held. If not, then their arrogance really knows no bounds. Again, the irony that their beloved clubs followers also despise them makes things all the sweeter. Whenever I see a link to something they’ve printed, I don’t even click. My immediate response is “Jackass has written something?….So what”. In fairness, I have the same response no matter who the alleged writer or commentator is if it’s Sevco leaning msm. It’s like constantly sticking your hand in the fire and being surprised when it burns…. you just know it’s going to be garbage.
    Just like Rangers (IL) there is no way back for these rags. They could print on green and white hooped paper with regular headlines like “Celtic are the Greatest” and I still will never buy them again.
    Even more bizarre…a failing business where spare cash appears to be non-existent are apparently paying for some of this output!
    You tried to take us on……You tried to fool us. You failed…..You will not be missed.

    Good Riddance! But thanks for the laughs!!

  9. Steven9761

    Finally, the likes of Keech Jackass have awoken! Albeit for the wrong reasons, questions are now being asked of the competence, or lack thereof, of the SFA, and Chief Inspector Jack Regan! Is there even the remotest possibility that, in the near future, we will start to see the Res12 guys being taken seriously in the SMSM? If sponsorship is required by the Requisitioners, to fund the ongoing investigations, they would do well to turn their financial attention to none other than Johnson & Johnson, makers of KY Jelly (no ice cream required with this particular jelly!). While Ra Peepul have their heads firmly buried in the sand, it will make their inevitable shafting somewhat less painful for them. They are still up for a good shafting, though!!


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