The nine circles of Sevco

In the immediate aftermath of their semi-final defeat, The People appear to be in something of a funk.

Despite the narrow scoreline, any objective analysis of the balance of play screamed that Celtic were utterly dominant throughout the match.

When Charles of Normandy assembled the basket of assets, he hoped that it would fool The People.

His business plan was based on the fact that if he presented his creation as Rangers, then the grieving hordes would happily pay for the pleasure of being in denial.




However, in pretending that Rangers had not died The People tumbled into the nine circles of Sevco.

Looking in on it was ghoulish entertainment for the rest of Planet Fitba.

It was like some end of the world cult desperately believing in utter pish.


The Off Licence Putsch in March 2015 has simply made their eternal torment even more hellish.

Of course, it’s the hope that will kill you, and in the Scottish Cup Semi-Final, last April The People saw a glimpse of salvation.

It was a devilish chimera, and the reality is now clear to even the most blinkered members of the klan.

Of course, my trade played a role in hoodwinking The People.

A key part of the angst currently being endured by the home crowd at Ibrox is looking at how far the ‘Rainjurrzz’ have fallen.

Actually Sevco haven’t fallen anywhere.

This is a new club created in 2012 from the body parts of the original Rangers.

In the last four years, the basket of assets have done not too badly with their semi-final victory over Celtic last April being an act of genuine giant killing.

Very much a case of ‘Super Sevco go ballistic Celtic are atrocious!’

The champions of Scotland are now back on track with a top class manager.

Moreover, Brendan Rodgers has a football budget that is even beyond the wildest fabrications of Mr David Cunningham King.

The best that The People can hope for is to languish in the purgatory of mid-table mediocrity.


Until they can secure a retail deal that doesn’t enrich Mike Ashley, then they’re not even close to Celtic financially.

Meanwhile, if the Parkhead side goes about their business, then the gap will become exponentially wider as the six years of the Sports Direct deal runs out.

General Ashley’s tanks  are taking a legally bombproof  profit out of Sevco every year until 2022.


If I had religious tendencies, I would conclude that someone one up there doesn’t like them.

I know that The People do not believe anything that is written here.

Then again I TOLD them in 2011 that their club would suffer an insolvency event before that season finished.

Moreover, I said that Hector would never allow a CVA and that Rangers would, therefore, be liquidated.

And so it came to pass…

Then I told them in January 2014 that the IPO money had run out and the Holding Company Vehicle were running on financial fumes.

The Holding Company Vehicle told them to ignore a blog in Ireland.

Three weeks later they had to rush to arrange the Laxey Loan to stave off administration.

I could go on…

The bottom line is that what appears here is the truth about the Ibrox operation.

It is guaranteed to be lamb free and does not contain any harmful PR additives.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, there is no good news coming down the pipe for The People. that wasn’t invented by a PR guru in a galaxy far away.

If you spot any in the media then it was probably invented by a PR guru in a galaxy far far away.


If the Sevco support finally looks behind the scenery of this ridiculous school play, then they’ll glimpse the awful reality.

In fact, you could say they’re funked.



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Quite simply the traffic onto this site is enormous and growing like Sevco’s debt.

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Míle buíochas

15 thoughts on “The nine circles of Sevco

  1. Zeddy

    Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery…….

    Nope ….Nothing springs to mind !!!!

    That said there are somethings going on at a hell hole near Govan that pieced together would make a comedey of its own. It would be a simply devine piece of entertainment

  2. joe mccormack

    The Ibrox Club urgently need an injection of new money.

    However as long as King and his gang are calling the shots no one is going to make a donation which will vanish into the ever deepening Edmiston Drive black hole, never to be seen again.

  3. Mr Smith

    I get the feeling you want to tell us something very very funny ( unless you’re a sevcowegain ) but are waiting for the right moment.

    Have the word mines been abandoned ?

  4. Walter Mitty


    Excellent, another ticketty boo summation on all things Sevco from you.

    Slowly but surely the woeful calf of Govan separates from the herd. Wounded, bedraggled, destined to fall and dissolve in a pile of its own muck. Only the strong survive on the sharpest horns of a self made dilemma.


    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Here is what Rugger guy sent me:
      “Law Financial is the company behind this and if my memory serves me well…were they not trying to sue Rangers on behalf of Craig Whyte who sold his interest in that?
      This company has never filed a set of accounts, their share capital is £1.
      From what I can see there is nothing in this, as the company is not a subsidiary of RIFC, nor does it have any relationship with sevco other than a similar name.”

      1. A_Mac

        Thanks for the reply Phil, I was rather hoping they owe someone £20 million who has a charge on all their assets. 🙂

  5. stuzee

    Brian Stockbridge announced in October 2013 that the funds would run out Phil. Hardly Nostradamus. Your blog is like many others, a commentary of the available information and analysis with a anti-Rangers spin on it. Nothing wrong with that, although you should stay away from some of the unsavoury language you have a habit of indugling in.

    Do you not get bored with the old club/new club/company thingy-ma-bob.

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      This site has broken many stories about Rangers (IL) and Sevco.
      A selection of those about the former are in the book “Downfall”.
      However, your pain is acknowledged.
      This must be a difficult time for you…

      1. sligojoe

        “Don’t you get bored” is another way of saying please stop.

        Stuzee and his ilk will dismiss your warnings ( too late now anyway ) and keep taking the tabloids.

        There really is no helping them.

    2. Nick Mccall

      sorry “stuzee”….. bored with what? keeping a bright light shining on the truth about what has occurred in scottish football over the last 4 to 5 years? oh…. i think not!

      “thingy-ma-bob”….. is that code for rangers 1872 are deid, then?

      poor lad, you have my sympathy…… but not very much of it

      btw: if (and there is no certainty about this) you are a follower of SEVCO SMELLS LIKE A DUCK FC – “unsavoury language”? please…… the irony…. please don’t – my sides are SPLITTING….. i cannae take any mair!

      now: jog on

  6. SeanyD Tenerife

    After 3 years of enjoyment today feels the right day to make my first contribution, in writing and financially. Hope many others feel the same. You are a thorn in the side of the lying journos and truth deflectors, long may that continue. HH. Seany D. Tenerife CSC

  7. celt4ever

    Phil thanks again for another brilliant story,my fear has always been That General Ashley,once the RRM vacate their roles if Admin happened,puts someone else in charge of Newcastle& he came up here to sort out this tribute act?


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