The Phantom of the Sevco soap opera

I am currently spending most of my waking hours working on a piece of fiction.

It is a stage play, and it will be performed next March in Glasgow.

I hope that it will do what it says on the tin.

It is fiction and not fact.

The characters portrayed on stage are creations of my imagination.

Of course, the good people of Glasgow are often presented with works of fiction, but that is not what it says on the label.

Many of the stenographers really should be formally in the fiction trade.

I briefly emerged from finessing a character bio yesterday and switched on my phone.

The excellent court reporting of @jamesdoleman broke some major news to me.

He said that it had been stated in open court that the £5m that had been outstanding to Sports Direct had been paid.

In fact, the learned chap stated that it had been paid back the previous day.

I have to admit that this came as a great surprise to me.

However, I had a nervous theatre director depending on me, so I had to get back to the serious work of writing fiction.

I learned this afternoon that I was not the only person who was surprised by this news yesterday.

The folk at Sports Direct were similarly gobsmacked.

So much so that a trawl was ordered of all of their banks accounts to see if monies had in fact been paid in or were in the process of being processed.

Nada, nothing, zilch.

So today the record was put straight in court.

Apparently, the £5m has not been paid back as the fine chaps at Sevco are trying to locate a pesky half a mill.

One excellently placed source put it to me in a rather unkind fashion:

“Well, I suppose we can put that five million into the glib and shameless column in their accounts!”

I also learned that I had been name-checked in court yesterday although my sloinne had been somewhat mangled in the process.

In the great scheme of things, this is a minor injustice to what has happened in the past to other Irishmen in English courtrooms, ach mar a deirtear sin é scéal eile.

Despite being buried in my own drama it did not escape my attention that it was stated in open court that Mr David Cunningham King and Mr Ashley had indeed met on Friday June 12th this year.

Regular readers will know that the facts of that conclave were broken here.

At the time several stenographers were dismissive that the meeting had taken place on the day that RIFC was holding an EGM-an event that Big Mike himself had called for.

I had expected General Ashley to have been furious with his legal shock troops because, to my mind, they certainly failed him yesterday.

However, I am informed by an excellently placed source that he was rather sanguine about it all.

It might be the case that yesterday was just another legal bill that Sevco cannot pay.

The judge did ask about the objective of the Sports Direct litigation; he queried whether Mr. Ashley was interested in having a “sensible” business relationship with Mr. King “or grinding him into the dust.”

As regular readers here will know that the narrative I have presented here for several months now is that of General Ashley on a punitive expedition.

The objective of that mission is to teach the Sevco hierarchy a harsh lesson by some consequential learning.

My take on this is that Ashley is engaged in a war of attrition against an enemy who he believes to be running dangerously low on supplies.

One well-placed source state that Sevco could have a legal bill of over £1m be next month and they have yet to be awarded costs.

That will be a particular problem if their legal team wish to take instructions on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

If that is the case, then the cash flow situation at Sevco could take a hit, and that would be unfortunate.

I understand that General Ashely’s’ field commanders are working on the Operational Intelligence that the best that the Sevco High Command could scrape together is about £2.5m.

Hence their surprise at the statement in court yesterday.

Of course, that does not address the issue of the £2.5m that is required to keep the lights on until the season ticket monies start to roll in next year.

That is the sum that was stated at the recent RIFC AGM.

Of course, at that happy gathering, it was announced that the sum of £5m had been raised.

“It took me one hour this morning to raise the £5m from major shareholders. We will advise Sports Direct we will be repaying that loan.”

That, dear reader, was on Friday 27th November.

At this time of year, everyone loves a good seasonal ghost story.

Sevco has served up a Christmas cracker: the Phantom Five Million.

This could get scary…


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