The price of Doing Walking Away

Every man, even a living legend, has his price.

I am informed by sources that Mr Super had communicated to the New Regime at Sevco that he would Do Walking Away for the sum of £350,000.

However, that was before he was not paid last month by his employers.

This will, hopefully, be all resolved this week at the big sit down.

As it stands, Mr McCoist is working his notice as Sevco manager until December 15th this year.

Counting last month then he can currently count on eight salary cheques from Rangers International Football Club.

At £70,000 per month that is just north of half a million.

Therefore on the face of it his offer of £350k is very reasonable.

However, the New Regime simply doesn’t have it to let him Do Walking Away.

If Santa was to visit the Big House early then, I think the good boys at RIFC would like Mr Super to leave for free.

Meanwhile, Big Mike can sit back and watch the scenario unfolding.

If they cannot pay off Mr Super and they certainly cannot give Ashley the £5m they owe him from the January loan.

While that loan remains in place, then Sports Direct hold security over the major unencumbered assets.

In that situation, it is difficult to see a viable business plan being constructed without the approval of Big Mike.

I understand that two of the Three Bears would not now have an issue working with the Sports Direct magnate if a deal could be worked out.

So it was especially interesting when another source communicated to me tonight that several Newcastle United players have been informed that they will farmed out to Ibrox next season.

The implication of that, of course, is that Mr Ashely intends to be in control of FC Sevco before very long.

I think I am justified in considering this shambles to be a ‘developing story’ dear reader.

Anyone who does not see the Sevco sitcom staggering on from crisis to crisis is simply off the radar.

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