The price of excess

It was good news that the Admirable Warburton and his loyal deputy were recently awarded new contracts.

From an entirely cynical bean counter point of view, it would have been better if he had done walking way.

That would have been a real bonus, and then Mr Weir could have stepped up.

However, that was never really an option as the ex-Rangers player does indeed understand what the word ‘loyal’ means.

The new remuneration package for the Admirable Warburton is a substantial improvement on his original deal.

If he wins the SPFL title then he really will get a bonus that is 100% of his salary.

The ex-city trader has it all sewn up in the new contract.

I would characterise this legally binding agreement as rigorous rather than onerous.


As for the thorny subject of his bonus for winning the Championship, I understand that some rapprochement has been reached.

Better to be paid by instalments than not at all…

As for the pressing issue of the world class stadium at Edmiston Drive well at least the chaps in the Blue Room now know the scale of the problems.

I understand that the word “substantial” was used several times when one of the directors asked for a figure to be put on the bad news.

My understanding is that three out of the four stands requires substantial work.

The good news is that Mr David Cunningham King is working on some funding options.

However, it is apparently too early to share details of the Grand Plan with his boardroom colleagues.

I suppose it is just as well that he has their full confidence in all matters.

No doubt this is because of his impeccable reputation for veracity and trustworthiness in business.

Of course, we are now in that part of the accounting calendar where year-end accounts are being prepared.

I’m sure those excellent chaps at Campbell Dallas will be able to make the next conclave in the Blue Room as they were missed at the last one.

As for the playing staff then I’m certain that the Admirable Warburton would want some more players in.

Loan deals worked out well last season.

However, it is a bit much when the other club wants those poor chaps in Govan to stump up for wages and living expenses.

Perhaps these fellows in England do not realise just how tight money is these days.

This is especially so given that there are currently five first team players who wish to have a substantial wage increase.

Apparently, these  Light Blue legends want to be remunerated on a par with Mr Barton and Mr Kranjcar

Look just like this Brexit wheeze I’m sure it will all work out fine.

I mean, there never have been any major financial issues with a team playing at Ibrox before.

Has there?

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