The price of succulent lamb.

These are difficult days for Scottish fitba churnalists.

Like the club that many of them love more than their professional integrity they are being assailed from all sides.

First it was a Fenian in Donegal who told the world about their pal “Hughie” and that email about the Pope.

Then there was the Whyte Knight who would save the Rangers.

How did that “Billionaire” and “wealth off the radar” narrative work out for ya lads?

If all of this wasn’t enough now the millions of viewers of Channel 4 are being told of the rotten borough that is Planet Fitba.

The Glasgow hacks should be highly embarrassed by Alex Thomson’s analysis of them.

The Channel 4 award winning war correspondent is stating quite clearly that there is something qualitatively different about Scottish sports journalists from ALL the other places he has worked.

A very minor tip of the hat must go to Graham Spiers in at least putting his hands up to the Faustian pact that he entered into when he dined at Murray’s table.

Thomson’s on-going investigation into Scottish football is a damning indictment of the lobby that operates around Rangers.

That system could only continue to function if there was no outside scrutiny by journalists who didn’t take the lamb.

Anyone within the consumer base who questioned the narrative was slammed as “paranoid” or some kind of crank.

My own experience of being targeted by the Glasgow hacks is that when they can’t ignore me then they tend to play the man and not the ball.

Conformity to the agreed narrative sees mediocrity awarded and so the churnalism about Rangers continues.

Regular readers here will know that I think that the press pack in Glasgow to be not fit for purpose.

Now the man from Channel 4 has found the same.

Does that make him a “chancer” as well?

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