The problems of inter-galactic communication.

I really enjoyed being at the movies yesterday with the Big Fella.

 ‘Arrival’   is a thoughtful sci-fi piece directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Of course, it all starts with great writing and the foundations of the script are based on the brilliant short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang.

It is really worth the trip to the cinema to see it.

Highly recommended.

No spoiler alert, but the movie is about how very different creatures communicate and how they can miscommunicate.

Language is important to cognition and having just spent a week in the Lusosphere I was reminded of the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis.

This seemed apposite as I considered the central message of the movie as the Big Fella and I drove back over the mountain to ár Ghaeltacht.

Our ability to communicate through language is a massive evolutionary advantage that we share with the higher sentients on this planet.

In the modern era, the smartphone generation moves from one Wi-Fi hotspot to another like an army in the desert navigating via waterholes.

Modern football stadia and Wi-Fi seem inextricably linked.

Clubs have their own bespoke Apps and social media engagement with their customer base.

Therefore, one would think that that the Wi-Fi at the world class stadium that is Ibrox would be, well, world class.

Look, I’m sure it is.

Earlier this year the company that provides Wi-Fi to the stadium that John Brown played for was in court looking for £300,000.

They were unsuccessful in their attempt to have those monies ring-fenced.

The Sheriff was satisfied that the Holding Company Vehicle was fully funded thanks to the well-heeled directors.

Now I hear that the Wi-Fi folks might have decided to have another go.

This time they have another angle to present to the court.

As well as these interest chaps there is another unpaid supplier of the Engine Room Subsidiary who is also on the cusp of taking legal action.

Look, I’m sure that this is all a big misunderstanding and that the Holding Company Vehicle will soon give oodles of cash to the Ibrox operation.

Whatever it takes…

The picture being painted to me today from inside the Engine Room Subsidiary is that the bought in communications chap is calling many of the shots.

Moroever, he is doing so with the blessing of Mr David Cunningham King.

The alleged leaking of Monsieur Barton’s medical details last week was a massive negotiating own goal.

It meant that the Holding Company Vehicle didn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

This reality was very clearly spelled out by Joey’s learned representatives.

Consequently, the French-speaking playmaker will receive every penny of his contract by the end of 2017.

Now, that does rather blow a hole in the financial projections of the Holding Company Vehicle.

Of course, I’m sure those fine fellows in Club 1872 will come to the aid of the four-year-old institution with no questions asked.

I understand that there may already have been some dignified communications apropos this trifling matter.

Then again I don’t speak Sevco, so it all might get lost in translation.

5 thoughts on “The problems of inter-galactic communication.

  1. Avid Reader (@6019Kilo)

    Consistent with the Law of Probability, Ashley and SD have to win a legal battle at least once against the TRIFC board. Hopefully, it will be the one in December leaving DCK and his fellow board members with a rather hefty legal bill to pay.

  2. Zeddy

    Or Warbs could have a pretend fight with another “star” player so the fans can have a justifiable reason for them selling them

  3. The beekeeper

    Oh dear this all sounds a bit familiar, I think I heard this sort of stuff about the now defunct rangers before the Sh** hit the fan.
    Happy days and Hail Hail


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