The Puma Division and Pavlovian obedience

There appears to be a difference of perspective on the reasons behind the failure of Sevco to sign Joleon Patrick Lescott Esq.

This is unfortunate, and I hope that it is cleared up very soon.

Clearly, the reportage that Mr Lescott had failed a medical does not improve his chances of securing a new employer.

However, I am sure that Joleon’s agent will be attending to this matter with all haste.

Perhaps that chap at Pacific Quay who took the call about the failed medical should have interrogated the facts.

Just a suggestion .

The next time he gets a call from Ibrox he should consider if the information is at the correct Level.

Yes, I think that would have been a good idea.

In fairness, the Admirable Warburton was swift with his riposte to counter the assertion that the deal had fallen through because of an issue with personal terms.

Now, personally, I believe the ex-City trader.

I think he is a decent, honest sort, and that’s what I picked up when I spoke to him on the telephone earlier this year.

If Mr Warburton believed that a financial deal was in place when he left the room, then I believe him.

However, wires might have been somewhat crossed when he wasn’t there.

That would explain the very different views on the matter.

Perhaps some intrepid stenographer can get a response from Mr David Cunningham King on the matter.

That would be helpful.

I would not be surprised if the main news on the Sevco front next week will involve the manoeuvrings of the Puma Division.

My information is that another loaded missive has recently been fired in the direction of Ibrox.

It is clear to me that the German sports giant has decided that they are siding with General Ashley in this particular campaign.

They might not be aware of it, but it seems that the chaps in the Blue Room are outnumbered on this one.

Of course, these are exciting times for The People.

Their four-year-old club is in the top flight for the first time in its short history.

It really is fairy tale stuff.

Now, to add to that giddy feeling they might be about to secure the services of the lightening quick Philippe Senderos.

After being released by Grasshoppers, I understand that he put in a tough pre-season on a building site.


I’m sure he will add some much-needed dig to the Sevco back line.

Of course, before he puts pen to paper the numbers will have to be right for him.

Now, dear reader, I might not have mentioned this before, but Sevco is a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

Quite simply, it requires external finance to survive.

Consequently, I am told that Mr David Cunningham King has been casting his net widely to catch some liquidity.

My understanding is that some obedient hacks have been briefed that the Ibrox operation requires “between four and five million pounds” to see out the season.

Now dear reader that might not be even half of the story!

As ever the hacks blindly believe anything they are told by anyone who controls the home dressing room at Ibrox.

It is almost Pavlovian and quite remarkable to observe.

In the meantime, the devil is still in the retail.


Nota bene

As ever these Samizdat communiqués are guaranteed to be free of contaminated lamb or any harmful PR additives.


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