The Puma Division lays down the law to Sevco

There was a lot of stuff flying around yesterday about the possibility that the Holding Company Vehicle could launch their own independent merchandising line midseason.

The idea of a Sevco autumn collection made me smile and those of you who saw my play ‘Hame’ in 2015 will know why…

If this course of action is pursued then it would be  blind folly  that would not even e attempted by General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett KCB.

If the Sevco chaps go over the top on this one then they cannot claim later to be surprised by the outcome.

Let’s just say that the fine folk at Puma have made sure that the chaps in the Blue Room are fully aware of the legal realities of their situation.

The German sportswear giant has, for the avoidance of doubt, let the people in charge of the four-year-old institution know what they can legally do to Sevco.

By missive and meeting they have conveyed the legal realities to their Ibrox partners.

I find the idea that the Holding Company Vehicle could attempt to Do Walking Away from their contract with Puma utterly jaw dropping.

When Charles of Normandy signed the deal with Puma, he needed a big name on board.

Similarly, the retail contract with Sports Direct has hailed by the big handed Yorkshire man as great news for the new club:

“I think the financial figures can be very good. I looked at the historic figures when I was doing my due diligence and I think Rangers Retail, with a partner like Sports Direct, can achieve a great turnover.”

At this point dear reader I am utterly baffled as to the precise nature of the Grand Plan.

The Sevco high command cannot think that General Ashley and the Puma Division will simply leave the field of battle.

Do they?

Perhaps Mr David Cunningham King has decided to convert his emptied wine cellar in Johannesburg into a bunker.

Of course, no amount of quasi-military Feng shui in South Africa will alter the facts on the ground.

There are severe penalties for walking out of a legally enforceable contract.

If Mr David Cunningham decides to do this then taking on Puma could prove his Downfall.

For the avoidance of doubt, they have more tanks than General Ashley.

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