The red mist descends over the Blue Danube

In Austria the Viennese are known for being notoriously grumpy.

Well at the moment some of them have good cause to be rather miffed.

I am told that officials of Rapid Vienna nearly choked over their Weiner Schnitzel last week after the Sevco supremo claimed that the new football club that rose from the ashes of Rangers FC were debt free.

Mr Green was quoted as saying:

 “Coming to agreements with all of the European clubs where we paid all of the debts or reached settlements with them is another example of the commitment ‘new’ Rangers have made and not turning our back or walking away from oldco’s responsibilities.”

Very noble.

But my friends in Vienna say there is just one slight problem. Mr Green and his cohorts have not settled the debt owed following the 2010 signing of Nikica Jelavić.

The Scottish Press of course carried the statement in full without asking any awkward questions of Mr Green, like:

“Is it true Charles?  Have you paid every penny of football debt incurred by the old club? Is there not even a schilling, outstanding?”

Moreover, did those noble seekers of the truth contact officials of Rapid Vienna to ask:

“ Are you dancing in the streets of Vienna and drinking bottles of  Grüner Veltliner at the news that that champion of football integrity Charles Green has paid your all the money owed from the transfer of Nikica Jelavić?”

Of course not, because that would be journalism!

Watch Charles and his cohorts  do a Viennese waltz around this slight mistake, misunderstanding, slip-up, gaffe, oversight, clanger.

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