The Sevco Conspiracy

Ah these are dark days for The People; it really can’t be easy with such forces arrayed against you.

I had heard that there was to be some form of protest by Sevco customers at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games at Celtic Park.

I think of how we here in Ireland put out the welcome mat to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2011.

For those few historic days she was “Eilish a Do” and she clearly loved being in Ireland.

Any large scale protest by Sevco chaps could have marred what appears to have been a brilliant opening ceremony at Celtic Park.

Bringing the bitterness of Fleg futility to modern Glasgow would simply be another PR own goal by The People.

In Belfast and in Glasgow their day has gone.

Equality is their enemy.

If they had gone through with this protest then once more they would have been aiming at the wrong targets.

Over at Ibrox they’re struggling with the financial realities of the Season Ticket Strike.

I had expected the strike to collapse by now, but I was wrong.

It seems solid and determined.

However the objective of the Strike doesn’t really seem clear.

The Dave King Putsch has rather flat lined since the heady days of March when we all set out timepieces to Statement O’clock from South Africa.

Now all is quiet and The People appear leaderless.

The same fans who are refusing to renew their season tickets also punch the air when the club signs a new player.

More players could be brought in if-say-another 20,000 season tickets were sold.

The ‘back the team not the regime’ only makes sense of there is someone or a consortium waiting to take over a la Fergus McCann in 1994.

There could be a newish regime at RIFC, but I would wager that they would not be to the liking of most of the home crowd at Ibrox.

If Blue Pitch and Margarita Holdings were to find themselves in total control the RIFC/TRFC then it would be a real backward step.

I understand that Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings have offered to buy out the major shareholders who bought in at the Initial Public Offering.

So far their (well below market rate) offer has been rebuffed.

If Laxey Partners and the Institutional Investors were to sell to these friends of Charlie then the business practices that saw £67 million leave the company would be back with a vengeance.

Graham Wallace and Philip Nash have worked assiduously to dismantle the structures that Charlie and the boys put in place when they set the new club up.

However there is only so much they can do.

I find it highly instructive that not one of the intrepid chaps in the Scottish mainstream media has attempted  to interview Graham Wallace about how things are going.

The reasons for him spending most of his time in London recently should be newsworthy.

The Glasgow hacks might also want to interview Christian Nerlinger about his refusal to join TRFC as Director of Football.

There is a story there, but as with the downfall of Rangers it is a story that might cause some angst for their main demographic.

They could also ask Mr Letham for his thoughts on the unpaid loan.

Undoubtedly a Sevco insolvency event during the coming season would serve up industrial quantities of succulent schadenfreude for the green half of Glasgow and let’s be frank, just about everyone else on Planet Fitba.

Moreover, if any of The People scoff at such a possibility then they’re poorly informed and if they are also refusing to renew their Season ticket then they’re part of the process that makes Administration possible.

I suspect that the ‘starve them out’ strategy hasn’t really been thought through.

Actually it isn’t a strategy at all. It is a tactic and tactics are merely the nuts and bolts of a military plan.

Strategy is the big picture and there is a dearth of strategic thinking among The People.

They are simply emoting and lashing out.

Their reaction to Ms Angela Haggerty being on Scotland 2014 to discuss the Big Tax case was entirely Pavlovian.

The Rangers that The People grew up supporting was a vehicle for racist supremacism.

What they believe to be Rangers isn’t Rangers, but they have no choice.

They have to pretend because the reality is too painful and the glee of their rivals massively exacerbated the agony.

Charlie and the boys saw that there was money to be made from the grief of 2012.

People in authority positions spoke of ‘civil unrest’. There were many things about the Charles Green consortium that should have caused concern, but they blinked.

The mantra of “then, now and forever” is exactly what The People needed to hear.

Tens of thousands of Rangers supporters in denial about what Liquidation actually meant made millions for Charlie and the boys.

In the here and now Graham Wallace, with Philip Nash in his corner, is in a financial street fight to keep the lights on.

It is cruelly ironic that is the best hope for The People is the fighter they want to hit the canvass and not get up.

Back in January Graham Wallace had a workable plan to turn the ship around.

It would have been painful, but sensible.

Unfortunately the boardroom dynamics meant that the plan could not be implemented.

When it comes time to write the short history of Sevco this may turn out to been a crucial juncture.

It would appear that many of The People now see themselves as victims of a massive multi-layered and choreographed conspiracy.

Somewhere, somehow a beautiful mind constructed this labyrinth of Machiavellian plots and sub-plots that involves the BBC, the Co-operative Bank, East Dunbartonshire Council, Glasgow City Council, HMRC, Lloyds banking Group.

I’m sure I’ve missed out a few key conspirators, but you get the idea.

However, in the here and now the club currently operating out of Ibrox is in a real cash crisis…

Despite the fact that The People might scoff at that it is their stubborn refusal to buy Season Tickets that is making it a reality.

What was already a loss making business with no credit line from a bank now has a major revenue stream substantially reduced.

If there is a malevolent conspiracy arrayed against ‘Rangers’ then The People can see the prime suspect in the mirror looking back at them every morning.

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