The Sevco experiment

By the time the RIFC EGM takes place Big Mike could be Sevco’s banker.

He could also have finessed the deal with Rangers Retail Limited.

This expedition across Hadrian’s Wall does seem to be more hassle than it is worth.

So why bother?

The numbers are involved are, for Ashley, still within the realm of petty cash.

One business analyst has been advancing the theory-and this all that it is-that Big Mike just might have a cunning plan.

He believes that what Big Mike is about in Scotland is conducting a dry run in Scotland for something much bigger.

Here is the scenario that he put to me:

“There are at least ten clubs in the English Championship that are financially struggling. If Ashley can move in and lend to them then he can separate the profitable bits of the operation from the loss making parts.

“If he can disconnect the merchandising operation in a discrete entity then those profits will not disappear down the black club in the club’s finances.

“He could end up running the retail side of several clubs doing a kit deal and controlling the advertising space without actually owning any of these clubs.

“That way he would not fall foul of the FA’s regulations.

“Rangers might just be a way for him to test this out in Scotland to see if it works.”

His scenario made a lot of sense and the available evidence fitted it rather well. Big Mike is already involved with Oldham Athletic.

The mighty Glasgow Sevco allows him an opportunity to finesse this business plan with a bigger customer base.

Essentially Big Mike would be happy for emotionally committed chaps to run thee messy loss making parts of the operation “the club” while he hived off the profitable body parts “the company”.

This, in essence, is what rangers Retail Limited is all about.

Of course, it will now have been made aware to his guys in the Blue Room that the Ibrox clientele are revolting.

However the Sports Direct magnate does appear to have been rather successful in business by utterly ignoring the feelings of others!

Moreover Toon Army sources tell me that, heretofore, the Govan chaps have not mustered anything like the numbers that have been marshalled on the Tyne against Big Mike.

For the avoidance of doubt Ashley and his generals at St James’ Park completely ignored the disaffected fans.

Of course The People have now invested all of their hope in the possibility that one day soon Mr David Cunningham King and the Park Consortium will be as one in harmony in the Blue Room.

The delicious irony is that the chaps in the Light Blue corner are squaring up to a billionaire with wealth off the radar.

The optics are important in all of this and we have seen the extravagant gesture made (EGM) by the brogue consortium.

However, if Big Mike does lend Sevco that £10m and it is secured against the stadium then regardless of who is in the Blue Room he would be the lender of last retort.

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