The Sevco High Command receive a sobering appraisal

The Sevco High Command were briefed today by a serious professional.

It was, well, serious as the chaps in the Blue Room are now fully appraised of the view from the Ibrox Three.

The Sevco High Command heard how Warburton believed that he would be provided with a transfer budget of £5m in the summer of 2016.

He wasn’t.

The briefing was given to the serious professional also made the point that the ex-Brentford boss had no hand act or part in the signing of Joey Barton.

When Warburton was back at Ibrox in the summer he was told that they could spend to the maximum of £1.75m which would be paid out in three tranches.

After what I learned this evening I would be amazed if the Ibrox Three did not take this all the way to court.

The trio are adamant that they did not resign and they will state that under oath.

I think the main point of contention will be what Warburton’s agent said to Sevco.

My understanding is that Mr James Blair and Mr John Gilligan will figure largely in any future proceedings as witnesses.

Funnily enough, a magnificently maned factotum doesn’t seem to be involved in the Sevco recollection regelation league on this one.

This month the Ibrox Three will be paid for most of the month until the date they “resigned”.

My information is that another loan from the generous end of the Blue Room will be required to make payroll this month.

The issue about further court proceedings by the Ibrox Three is that there is no money to ringfence.

My sense of this shambles is that the esteemed chairman in South Africa thought that the Admirable Warburton and his two colleagues would fold after the Friday “resignations”.

They haven’t.

We could have the spectacle next month of General Ashley and the Ibrox Three in a race to ringfence money that simply isn’t there

I’m told that Mr Bomber will soon be deployed to rally The People to the fleg of the Sevco High Command.

Oh dear…

So how does this clusterfuck end?

No idea.

The Holding Company Vehicle is still a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

Consequently, they really could do without this Warburton shambles, but the ex-City trader did not create this situation.

Of that, I am certain.

51 thoughts on “The Sevco High Command receive a sobering appraisal

  1. Can see it coming

    I’m concerned for the Sevco young interim manager. The pressures to win games in the Premiership have been burdened onto his shoulders at too young an age without building up to that competence.

    I am concerned his confidence will be shot by defeat and even his long term career could be destroyed.

    And why? All because stunted Sevco are skint, sacked their management team and did not put a RRM interim experienced manager in there.

    All sympathy goes to Murty. He’s being set up as a fall guy.

  2. John

    Ps. The football investigation into child abuse won’t help them either, I understand nearly every club has a ghost or at least a skeleton in there, first that will curtail some of there repartee ditties, and Likely humiliate them to death. Brave will be the reporter who headlines that story, not one of the 25 who have had death threats. Oh bye the way…ibrox in crumbling.

  3. John

    Everyone, like everyone and his granny know, or suspect by now the club, formally known as rangers are in financial distress. Stumbling from one month to another, basically trading insolvently. Buying players was a vanity trick to encourage the hoards. Plan was always to get into a safe place in the top six, which can’t be changed even if they are deducted 25 points…they got to second , well third actually, with the usual help: forrester not sent off v Dundee, when rangers won 2-1 on the 90 th minute; next game forrester scored in last minute victory v Motherwell; 1-1 v Kilmarnock with Millie man sent off. 5 minutes v ross county couldn’t get them a win; when they got a legit penalty v Aberdeen, they still lost 2-1. Next game v Dundee, scored in extra time to win 1-0; against hearts, hearts had a goal cancelled, rangers scored from a fake free kick to win …against I.c.t, they won by an own goal……see what’s happening here ? So, when mash and Ashley , puma, whyte , Hmrc , and now the warburton 3 all converge on ibrox via the Scottish courts, watch dodgy Dave call the administrators. Let’s say… march 15th…and it will be everyone’s fault but rangers and king. They already own Celtic money, again, and the resolution 12 thing just won’t go away. Further when lawwell, Ajax, Psv, anderlect etc secure the new look champions league format and the Huns aren’t included, wait for eruption of nuclear proprrtions in govan. Of course Murty in the manager till the end…with no assistant, because they don’t have a pot to piss in. 5 managers in 4 years indicates a disfunctional organisation. Get ready for rangers Mk iii.

  4. John S

    I tend to disagree with the sentiment that King thought that Warburton would fold. King appears to have the same trait as successful business people all over the world, usually men, and criminals, that being a psychopathic tendency. One must presume his intentions sit square with the hypothesis (thus far) that he will get out more than he put in but that vast majority of stakeholders won’t be compensated a bean. There are no beans in the tin.
    Two thoughts on Warburton: Anyone that can avoid relegation from the SPL with otherwise unemployed football players must have done something right. However, anyone that can prance around with a bigoted flute band, for whatever reason, clearly has a major flaw.

  5. Czarownik178

    They will have around £1.75 – £2million in prize money coming to them from the SPL at the end of the season. Looks like that money is going to be swallowed up paying out the Ibrox 3.

  6. Tecumseh

    this is looks like a….siege…..soon the only way in or out will be the Govan ferry….then the menu would read like it’s Kim Jung Il’s favourite restaurant. …starter…deep fried goujongs of mongerel. ….followed by….fillet of alsation a la orange…dessert…..poodle Eton mess….washed down by a bucket of gall…..

    after that….it’s rats……..

  7. Owen Dolan

    All this sympathy for Warburton and his mates is crap.From the 14th February 2012 it was obvious that sevco/trifc/trfc did not have the cash or the knowhow to run and maintain a football club,therefore I have no sympathy for anyone who takes up a position with them whether its directors,management,or players or even companies they all deserve everything that come’s thier way.

    1. Hoots

      Then you have a pointless ring fence that would be best taken down, but I’d guess that they have to submit their financials to the judge in advance.

  8. Cruel Intentions

    What is the SFA’s fit and proper Glib and shameless liar planning?

    Does he have cruel intentions?

    It’s really still all SDM to blame.

    The accomplished football manager Brendan Rodgers is the de facto Director of Football at Celtic. CFC have a relaxed professional approach to such things. It’s all about trust and communication. Titles and grand appointments don’t matter so much. Results do.

    There’s no trust on any level at Ibrox. What is Hipster Glibster going to do next to pull the carpet from under everyone?

      1. Ham Boab

        They’re busy dancing around the Three Ring Circus that Ibrox has become, thinking up ways to intervene, without actually being seen to intervene, in their desperation to save their favourite bigotry dome, and whatever collection of a blue shirted rabble they can call a ‘team’ within it.

        After that Richard Wilson piece (of shit) on the BBC yesterday, it has become clear to me that no one, but NO ONE, dare question the madness of Dave King, no matter how dangerously unhinged it become, nor how stupid and unhinged it makes its own authors look.

        What kind of hold can such a gangster have on the supposedly ‘Impartial’ UK media, two countries’ footballing authorities, the police services and the courts, that not one voice has piped up highlighting the stark reality of who and what this man really is?

        There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye, that men like Jabba & King can hold both the authorities and the press of two separate countries to ransom like this, as only friends in extremely high places could ever ensure such a lack of legal scrutiny and objective reporting.

        Who are these people indeed ..?

  9. Bertie Basset

    Congratulations Phil.I reckon this is your first blog this year where you don’t say, “for the avoidance of doubt”.
    I may end up contributing if such eloquent writing standards are maintained.

  10. jc

    You think it is bad just now! Wait until Dundee turn them over! Then we will see some Hun fireworks!

    Bomber for Manager, I’ve called it!

    In the shadows get used to it!

    1. Wessex

      That may be worth a little flutter mate, even as an interim manager. JJ’s blog has said that he’s been summoned south of the Limpopo, the GASL needs a man he can trust, a RRM!

      Oh and he’ll probably do the job for 3 bottles of Buckie and a nearly new tracksuit with DW on it….!

  11. Mr Smith

    I read that their business rates just jumped up circa 10%.

    They are complaining because CFCs dropped, now Sevco’s are only 300K less that Celtics.

    …and they complain….and calling it a taig conspiracy.

    I do despair.

    Still, that’s £117,000 quid less they will have.

    The council might end up with £1.17M less.

  12. pieinthesky

    This will be another triumph for the Scottish legal system.
    When one thinks of the vast amount of money recovered from the previous club,and the jail sentence’s with assets forfeited,one would believe that the people running Sevco would think twice.
    Now the real world. The people who operate the laws won’t take any serious action against any form of Rangers,unless they can find a scapegoat.
    There is no money,and no Scottish laws that cover jailing the people who have operated this system in one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
    Some advice to those that are due money from Sevco,there’s more chance of SDM losing his knighthood than getting paid.

  13. Fisiani

    Not having the funds to ringfence depends on whether Warburton’s lawyer can submit his claim before pay day next week. If he gets a legal action soon then there will not be enough money to pay the wages.

  14. goneinthemorning

    So what would happen if “Rangers” suffered an insolvency event?
    Well that depends on which “Rangers” we are talking about.

    As I understand it, we have TRFC and Garrion Security, (Barron Bouffant’s little earner) which are both wholly owned subsidiaries of the Holding company RIFC. It should also be noted that Garrion is a loss making company.
    There is also a JV with SDI, namely Rangers Retail (of which SDI has controlling interest).

    So who goes bust?

    If it is TRFC, RIFC would be owed millions and the would be high on the list of creditors, if not the preferred creditor.

    Would certain directors soft loans be included as creditors? I don’t know. It depends on the conditions under which they were made.

    The only way for the shareholders of RIFC to claw any money back would be on the sale of assets of TRFC.

    I suppose that the TRFC could be sold as a going concern. Of course, it would only be worth as much as any buyer would be prepared to pay for it.
    It didn’t amount to much the last time!
    I don’t think that the shareholders of RIFC would get much recompense for their investment if this was to happen.

    The other way is to split all assets up and sell individually.
    Is this feasible with ownership of the assets currently being disputed?
    How would BDO look at this vis a vis their current complaint against Duff and Phelps handling of the administration of RFC 2012?

    If RIFC declares bankruptancy, well most shareholders will end up with nothing.

    So any insolvency event means that shareholders are left with next to nothing?

    I am continuously amazed that “Rangers” has managed to survive for so long.
    I am continuously amazed that Directors continue to pump money into a black hole which will never give a return.
    Do these guys understand the meaning of the opportunity cost of capital?
    Conversion of loans to equity? Still money lost. Never to return.

    It will end in tears.

    1. Cassandra's Cat

      King clearly has personality disorders and believes he can mould the universe to his will – despite considerable evidence to the contrary – hence his bewildering, irrational, self-destructive actions. On the contrary, I assume TTB have wisely protected their soft loans from loss in the event of Administration. Otherwise they will have demonstrated a monumental failure of judgement regarding the mendacious witness – and will pay for it accordingly.

    2. Peter

      very good post that underscores how ludicrous the current situation is at Ibrox. Why some of the board members continue to set fire to their money by putting it in to cover operating losses amazes me. And the fact they do so when it is obvious that the others have no intention of reaching in their pockets makes it doubly amazing!

      I’m not convinced yet that an Admin will solve much of anything. At best it looks like it would maybe buy them some time. But time for what? Time to run up even more losses and then what! This is a business that simply can’t continue as it is, and at some point the laws of economics or the Law will catch up to them.

  15. Big L

    Warburton would have got them back to second, I’m sure of this.
    Did GASL see the problem if they did qualify, the ignominy of being barred from uefa competition.
    Or did the ibrox 3 have bonus payments due for getting second place and they can’t afford it ?

    1. Mr Mah Jest Stick


      ‘Bespoke parameters’! ‘Academy sides’! ‘The board’s strategy’!

      The man’s on drugs!

      Cheers, Bob!

      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        For those of you who, like myself, are initially unwilling to click on the usual fake news from the BBC, here’s yet another tasty titbit from what is perhaps the most deluded article written on Sevco written to date.

        ‘Impossible!’, I hear you cry, but I believe this could easily be the most deluded concept this side of the ‘Black Hole’ that the Beeb are also currently creaming their pants over ‘exploring’, even though there is absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever that ‘Black Holes’ actually exist, outside of an idea floating about the realm of faulty mathematical conjecture which our current model of faith-based Scientism is so fond of, and which No-Longer-Stephen-Hawking seems to keep getting his knickers in a twist about.

        ‘The board’s recruitment strategy was to sign younger players who can be developed at Ibrox and sold for a profit, to work alongside graduates from the youth academy and more experienced players where required.

        That approach will be re-emphasised and a database of players built up to allow more flexibility in the market – rather than chasing one target for each position and being potentially exposed to a premium price – and better value for money by increasing the club’s knowledge of foreign players.’

        Much as I advise against ever believing, or indeed, reading, anything you see on the British Propaganda Corps’ pages, this, and the Black Hole joke, are well worth a look, and both for their same deranged, completely unhinged, lunacy.

        I mean, how can they explore a ‘Black Hole’ without even knowing if they exist and how can they claim KingCo have a ‘strategy’ when there’s even less evidence of that than there is of actually finding a ‘Black Hole’ in the first place.

        So how can they possibly ‘explore’ either?

        I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life.

        1. There is NO Old Firm

          Mr. M,
          I’ll take your word for it on the BBC article, however I certainly won’t be having a look.
          I refuse 100% to go to any links to msm for the very reasons you highlight. The problem is, even in the unlikely event they cover something factual and truthful I really don’t care. No Glasgow based rag will ever be purchased by me again and I smirk quite happily when I see their sales figures plummet again.
          Likewise, I give no credence to broadcast media in their delusional belief that they are fooling everyone that Rangers exist. They are only fooling the most stupid of original Rangers fans who actually want to be fooled.
          What next I wonder? They’ll be trying to tell us Man has landed on the Moon!

          1. Pigs In Space


            Of course man went to the Moon!

            It’s all just sheer coincidence that NASA ‘lost’ all hundred thousand files of the telemetry data that would unequivocally prove it and that everyone from NASA to Obama has admitted that we cannot overcome the so far insurmountable obstacle of getting past Low Earth Orbit without passing through the deadly Van Allen radiation belts and, er, dying, and it’s just pure chance that every ‘Moon mission’ happened to look like a Stanley Kubrick movie soundstage.

            It’s also just sheer coincidence that rocket boosters can’t work in the vacuum of space, given that they’ve nothing to thrust against, and that we’ve never seen a single genuine photograph of Earth from space that is not a composite image, with photoshopped clouds, and varying continental land mass sizes, depending on which year the composite was put together.

            Add to this that they don’t have any proof whatsoever for ‘gravity’, nor how, nor if, it either works, or even exists, and has certainly never been scientifically replicated in any way, shape or form, and you start to get the sneaking suspicion that someone, somewhere, is telling us a massive load of gigantic porkies to keep their 20 billion bucks a year of public funding rolling in.

            (You see the Sevco connection yet ..?)

            And now they’re gonna ‘circle the deep event horizon of a black hole’ …

            No wonder I quit checking mainstream media all those years ago.

            I was increasingly getting the distinct impression that they’re treating me like I’m a ‘Rangers’ fan and, as we can now see, thanks to guys like Phil, my youthful suspicions were indeed correct, as this kind of ‘Black Hole/Same Club’ nonsense unquestionably verifies.

            There’s none so blind as those who refuse to see what’s in front of them and I call all this ‘space exploration’ for what it clearly is under any kind of scrutiny, ie, complete and utter bullshit, science that doesn’t do science, conjecture dressed up as ‘fact’, with no genuine, replicable, scientific evidence to back it up whatsoever.

            If they can’t replicate ‘gravity’, that allegedly most fundamental of all forces, in a lab, and have absolutely no idea whatsoever that it is or may be, then how can they possibly claim that it not exists, but that they actually base everything they tell us around it?

            True science demands solid, real world, evidence, which must be both repeatable and easily demonstrable and, without such tangible, repeatable evidence, all we have is a theory and some conjecture, which is what our current ‘scientific’ community has based its every principle upon.

            The truth is, without the concept of gravity as a handy device to tie up Eimstein’s wildly speculative theoretical mathematics, then they have no proof whatsoever that old Albert’s model works.

            Both Einstein and Nikolai Tesla knew this to be an irrefutable fact, and Albert went to his grave trying to resolve the mystery once and for all, even asking for a pen and paper on his deathbed to try to sort it out, to no avail, yet the Pythagorists just continued in their slippery Pythonesque manner, but it’s all over now,,as we can check all this stuff for ourselves with a few key words and a click of yer mouse.

            So, no joy, NASA, 20 billion a year for some CGI cartoons was a good trick while it lasted but it’s over for ye noo, just like it is for auld deid Rangers, and even their one eyed supporters are having both eyes opened wide to the new reality that’s upon us.

            When is ‘The Same Club’ not ‘the same club’?

            When it’s a black hole, of course.

  16. Donny Reila (@DonnyReila)

    There’s enough evidence in this uncarefully stenographed production to suggest that the endgame is The Samson Option. What better way to taint the 10IAR? How long can the Big Laundry Shop of Horrors stay open? I wouldn’t put it past the great (and glib… and shameless) architect to be planning the fall of the temple…. blood red claret….. yadda… yadda..most succulent ….yadda yadda…. lamb……..whistle whistle…. etc etc.

    1. Evolutionary Biologist

      You’re nearer the mark (no pun intended) than you think, Donna. David Cunningham King was a foundling, brought up by Mr and Mrs Cunningham King after they found him as an infant wrapped in a tricolour, with a note from his mother to “please bring him up as a good Tim”.

      His real name is Daniel Cathal Kavanagh – and his poor mother, in her distress left him at the wrong door. Her wishes were not fulfilled – horrifyingly the opposite

      His fall into crime, and his glib and shamelessness can be attributed to a subconscious struggle against the unnatural upbringing.

      I can reveal that he was reunited with his real mother just over 5 years ago. She told him the true story – it shattered him, but explained so much. He resolved to “put things right”.

      Daniel’s new mission was to destroy for ever the greatest symbol of his mother’s betrayal.

      He’s doing a damned good job of it.

  17. peter

    Watched the Europa games and listened to Clyde listen again with a wee cup of tea clyde program was and is absoloute shite, This program is dead as its fav team.

  18. Zeddy

    It may be a point.of contention over what the agent said but I’m sure that there is a precedent with MW initial employment with Sevco where his agent has represented him but MW had to be briefed and agree for a contract to be drawn up by a football lawyer with what had been discussed.

    It’s called negotiation in the business world and so what if he was negotiating his release from Ibrox, it was obvious that they wanted rid of him anyway because he’d lost the fans ( and a few points).

    Even Brendan said a week ago when I’m not wanted at Celtic I’ll go….But it will still be negotiated

    Happens everyday in football !!!!

    But contracts are honoured and settlements reached !!!!

    Beware the Ides Of March ….

  19. QC

    A Judicial Review of the SFAs insistence that TRFC is the same football club as RFC post a Liquidation event is blatantly required.

    I believe the secretive aim is to Liquidate Sevco before a JR can be called, in order to evade compensation claims pertaining to fraudulent representation.

    I believe a JR would result in a claim of same club to be “abrogated, taken away, and totally dissolved and extinguished.”

  20. They create multi million debts from nothing

    The Master City Trader is not one to lose his nerve over money.

    Brendan Rodgers has described him as an outstanding coach on tv today. I’m sure Brendan is more competent to judge such things than anyone on the Ibrox Board.

    All clubs have to carry injuries and duds. Sevco are not immune from this. Their stats are no worse than other clubs.

    1. Salted Popcorn

      It is difficult to be objective about a football manager’s performance as they all have different resources and circumstances. However, Alastair McCoist – who was hired as manager of a successful SPL Premiership team – failed to get Sevco promoted from the second tier of Scottish football despite having the highest budget in the league. Mark Warburton got the same players – plus some free transfers – promoted in some style and into the cup final. He got the same team into second place in the SPL which is where their budget suggests they should have been, despite huge distractions off the field. I would say he appears competent, at least. Sadly he was let down by his inability to walk on water.

  21. ian johnstone

    surely if the money isn’t there to ring fence then the company is trading whilst insolvent….I would ask how a judge could allow that to continue, but this is Scotland and I’m sure a wink from the glib one followed by a funny handshake could work wonders.

    1. Robert Fitzpatrick

      Trading insolvent isn’t an issue if the directors can cover the amount. Companies can trade for a couple of years whilst trading insolvent and still continue, however if loss after loss is made then in reality the director ought to close the company, however many directors would look to turn around such situations and make profit.


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