The short history of Sevco

Albert Camus observed that “happy nations have no history”.

The more I have considered the history of my own country I wished that certain events had never have happened or had turned out very differently.

The neighbouring head of state agrees with me and she said so at a state banquet in Dublin Castle last year.

However, although we may look differently at a historical event and re-assess the significance of it we certainly can’t change history.

It happened.

However, problematic it might be to a national narrative history is not a commodity to be bought and sold.

That is also true of sporting achievements.

In this radio interview Charles Green the Chief Executive if Sevco Scotland Limited starts well when he says “we’ve never been a member of the SPL”.

However, after that he appears to be all over the place.  The interviewer was rather gentlemanly when presented with several open goals.

It would certainly appear that the club and company conundrum is not at all clear to Mr Green.

He seems to think that his consortium “bought” titles won by Rangers Football Club (1872).

This, I have to admit, is a new one on me.

If Charlie is correct then perhaps, Mr Novak Djokovic, who is a very wealthy tennis player, will put in a bid in for Andy Murray’s US open title.

After all, it would appear that sporting titles can be bought.

Even the fitba fourth estate are finding it difficult to stay on message.

Here Graham Spiers admits that “the historic timeline was broken”.

Roger Mitchell in the Herald nails it today with unarguable logic, but he also tries to acquaint Mr Green with the long standing rapprochement between the sports hacks and anyone in a position of power at Ibrox.

It isn’t in their common interest to point out inconvenient truths that will antagonise the Ibrox klan.

However they do need to be assisted in this socially valuable work by people in charge at Edmiston Drive.

The bottom line is if Charlie doesn’t bring attention to the fact that Sevco are a new club with no titles then the hacks won’t mention it either and everyone can pretend that Rangers didn’t die.

Rangers (1872-2012) had 140 years of history and a lot of it wasn’t that happy. The club operated discriminatory employment practices that effectively wrote permission slips for racists and bigots.  Thus authorised the Ibrox klan went on the rampage with depressing regularity.

Perhaps if Sevco admitted that they had no history at all then we would all be happier.

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