The stealth consortium.

There are perfectly legitimate reasons for wanting to stay out of the public eye.

I get that.

Some people cherish their anonymity just as others yearn to be famous.

Most people who want to own a football club fall into the latter category.

No one could accuse Sir David Murray of shunning the limelight.

These days, I suspect, he may want a lower profile when it comes to matters Rangers.

A friend of mine recently interviewed the son of one Mr Charles Green’s consortium.

The man, who is in business with his father, is no stranger to the craziness of English football fans and rather enjoyed the notoriety.

However, he was convinced that his dad didn’t want his name out there on this one.

He explained:

“We don’t want to be known as part of this because of the angry people around Rangers!”

I was surprised to hear this.

Mr Green’s consortium is about to save the wonderful old institution, woven as it is into the fabric of Scottish life, by investing serious money into Rangers.

Given that fact I would have thought that these fine fellows would want to take all the plaudits from the Ibrox faithful for their sterling work.

Apparently not.

Ah well.

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